1Gbps Data Plan Is Now A Reality: Hyderabad Leads The Way

India has recently amped up its internet speed by 36 percent. Now the average speed has hit the 5.6Mbps mark. Although it is still lower from the world perspective, it is a big step for India. Now Hyderabad has become the first city in the country to adopt 1Gbps speed in broadband connectivity. The ACT Fibernet has brought this plan for Rs. 5,999 per month.

How 1Gbps Data plan Affects You

The plan consists of a FUP of 1TB, and the services will soon be extended to 11 cities more. ACT is the first ISP in India that is providing the GBPS speed limit to an entire city. This move will benefit people largely. Now cable TV shall get a huge competition from these markets. People who have Smart TVs will be able to stream the full range of internet capabilities.

The company CEO mentioned that India was one of the few countries handpicked to get a speed of 1Gbps. They are also providing these connections to the retail customers. In fact, they are the first ones to provide such high-speed connections and FUP to retail consumers. The internet shall be available within just 72 to 90 hours of application or installation.

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How Digital India Benefits

A report published by the Akamai Technologies in 2016 stated that in Q4 the average internet speed increased by 99%. India is now at the 97th place worldwide in the web speed access. Now due to this increase, India’s internet speed has reached 1Gbps speed. The downloads will now be faster than data transfer from a USB device. You can download ten HD movies simultaneously within a matter of 10 minutes only. Streaming will no longer be an issue, and it won’t buffer.

At the end note, the CEO also added how this would benefit the startups. They will have huge access to high-speed data. What’s more? It will be a cost effective way to have such a high-speed data. This can further the dream of digital India.

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