200 Million 4G Feature Phones Will Be Sold In The Next 5 Years

Now, this is one hell of shocking news! In an era of brilliant 4G smartphones, can we think the 4G feature phones will have high sales? According to an estimate from research firm Counterpoint, more than 200 million smartphones will be sold in India in the next five years.

One thing is for sure; it will bring a pause to the high volume sales of the 4G smartphone market. For this year more than 60 million units of 4G feature phones will ship globally. And India will contribute to more than half of it.

The brands involved in 4G feature phones

Speaking of the hardware revenues, for India, it is an opportunity of $6 billion in the next five years. The major players to join are Micromax, Lava, Jio, Nokia and iTel. One more good news is, the chipset brands like Qualcomm will also prepare specially designed processors to run 4G feature phones.

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In 2016, more than 400 million feature phones were sold globally, especially after the relaunch of Nokia 3310. The smartphone market sale slowed down to 3%. The slowdown in smartphone sales clearly proves the 4G feature phones might make good sales in the mobile industry. It will give way for the 4G feature phones with the core value proposition like VoLTE calls and shift users to cost-efficient 4G networks.

But one thing is important here. We are not only limited to calls and SMS in this age. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger are also critical. If the 4G feature phones can provide WhatsApp and Facebook, then the feature phones will have a better chance of making their way into the market. If not, then I am not sure how people are going to like the feature phones. So let us wait and see what features the above-mentioned companies will bring for the feature phones.

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