3D Printing Technology Peeps Into The Fashion Industry by Melorra

Melorra is a 3D printing Indian startup launched in the early days of 2016. It manufactures fashion jewellery using a 3D printer on a weekly basis. The sole motive of Melorra is to maintain its pace with the changing trends in the fashion industry. Indian women being the lovers of jewellery can equally love technology too. Saroja Yeramilli, the founder and promoter of Melorra is a standing example of this statement.

Saroja came up with this idea after experimenting with the dynamic issues of the prevailing trends as a trial to reduce” the wardrobe mismatch”. Brands like Tanishq and Kaya, Saroja claims her designs which match the changing fashion trends offer something very different.

What is 3D printing?

3D Printing

What is 3D Printing?

It is one of the trending manufacturing techniques in the production industry. Here, a 3D digital model is brought into the physical world by depositing layers of the desired material repeatedly. Furthermore, this technology has reached the manufacturing sector on a big scale. Starting from an earring to the parts of a jet engine, this technique is providing a platform to manufacture a broad range of products.

3D Printing

3D Printing

The startup launches weekly collections to match the incredibly powerful high-end brands. So, the startup offers a feature called ‘Style Feed’ which advises its users on making their wardrobes compatible with the fluctuating trend. This is being a factor that differentiates this product from its rivals. Therefore, it is notorious that the brand does not look for designs from the market. So, it provides exclusivity by creating the highly unique designs in its studio. The superior quality and uniqueness make it the first product of its kind.

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More than 60% of Melorra collections are available at below Rs 30,000. The startup brings the unit efficiency by using 3D printing to give shape to its exclusive designs. “With 3D printing, we do not have to worry about the number of orders. It provides us with the power to cater to an individual order and at the same time be very cost efficient about it,” shares Yeramilli.

The craze for jewellery never fades away though the designs do. And this was the key for Saroja to keep writing the episodes of her success story.

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