4 Rising Startups in India

In India, many startups have emerged in the recent past where some of the startups didn’t succeed and are closed now, but some of them are doing good. Below are some of the rising startups which are doing really good and have received seed funding from investors.


A startup named Medinfi is helping the people in finding and reviewing the doctors nearby, has raised US$200,000 from investors including Singaporean angel investor Evan Lim and Genpact senior vice president Mudit Saxena in angel funding.

Existing investors, including Dr. Ram Kumar Kakani who is a professor at XLRI (Xavier School of Management) and former Bajaj Allianz General Insurance CEO Hemant Kaul also actively participated in the round.

Medinfi will utilize this money by adding 38 new cities to the 12 cities in which they are currently active in. They are planning to expand into Southeast Asia region, particularly Singapore, said by the founder and CEO Mr. Ravi Shankar Mishra.


You might have already heard of on-call medical advice startups like Docsapp or SeeDoc which allows you to message or chat with doctors. HiGrit is a rising startup that is following the similar process and applies to legal aid. This startup has just received seed funding from Sarvesh Sharma and Ashish Mahajan who are Chandigarh-based investors.

HiGrit connects customers to registered lawyers in person or over the phone, with a focus on aid in helping the entrepreneurs to get their businesses and startups up and running in a country where it is effortless to get a divorce than shutting down a startup. HiGrit also provides a Q&A forum feature, and that is entirely free.

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White Unicorn Ventures has invested USD 225,000 of seed funding in Naturnama which is travel tech startup. The startup focuses on outdoor activities and offers plans for adventure and wildlife travels and travel guides.

Shaunak Modi founded Naturenama in January this year. The official website of this company is likely to go fully live in the coming few weeks.


Rise India Group has taken a keen interest in Padhopadhao and took 60 percent stake. Padhopadhao is a startup which helps the knowledge seekers in finding tutors in their respective areas. This acquisition will help Padhopadhao to expand to other cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.

Padhopadhao, founded by Hemant Garg and Akhilesh Kumar in 2012, helps students in finding tutoring aid mainly for professional tests. It also enables them to connect with scholars and researchers. The customers can pay through a subscription plan. As part of the acquisition deal, the founders (Hemant and Akhilesh) will remain in charge of the company.

The firm is claiming to have served more than 60000 students. They also pretend to have more than 48,000 registered tutors in the Delhi-NCR (The National Capital Region).

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