8 Reasons Apple iPhone is Better Than Android Phones

Apple iPhone may not come with superior screen resolutions, but they provide a host of other features which makes them useful. An Android user can never understand, until they have experienced, what an Apple iPhone is all about. The usability is a class apart.

Although there are many features which Android is catching up to, there is still a long time to go, and till then Apple may upgrade even further. Here are some of the key ways Apple iPhone is better than Android –

1. Get faster updates no matter where you are

With iPhone, you get an update as soon as everybody else does. You don’t need to wait for it to come to you. So this means that if you are traveling and Apple has launched an update, you don’t need to wait to come back home to get the update. Apple doesn’t discriminate its users based on demographics when it comes to updates.

2. Handoff feature allows you to work from any device

Apple phones can sync with iPad and Mac devices seamlessly, allowing you to take calls quickly from iPad or send a text message through Mac very easily. The Handoff feature also lets you do all the work from your workstation. Overall, it is very seamlessly synced with all the other Apple devices if you are using them. AirDrop feature allows you to transfer files from iPhone to Mac easily.

3. Apple iPhone Apps are quality tested

Apple does not allow developers the freedom to install whatever apps that they wish to. This is why Apple’s app store is not a developer’s paradise unlike Google’s. But that also means that the users get safe apps that don’t transfer any malware on their device. This is why Apple iPhone apps are limited, but the users can download the apps blindly, knowing that these apps are safe for their device and that it will be useful to them to a certain degree.

4. Has better reselling value

When you are selling an Android phone after a year or two, you may get half the market value of the phone at the time. But when you are selling an iPhone, you get a higher reselling value than any stock Android phone. For example, an iPhone 6 could be resold at $210 at the same time a Samsung Galaxy phone which came out during the same time could be sold only for $70 in a flawless condition.

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5. Apple Store Fixes Phone Within Hours

Apple Store is very quick to solve your problems. They are world class regarding service no matter where they are situated. At Apple Store, you may go to upgrade your fix your broken phone, and they will help your issue within a couple of hours itself. Unlike Android phones – which take days to fix issues, Apple phones have the upper hand when it comes to friendly customer service.

6. Better arrangement of notifications

The notifications are better sorted out in Apple phones. Android phones have the swipe and remove the feature, but the information is usually incomplete. Apple iPhones give you the wholesome experience of checking out whether the notification was from the previous day or today. There are no setting options here. So you cannot accidentally swipe off the notifications without checking – which is a problem I have faced often.

7. 3D Touch feature is great

The 3D touch feature is present in some Huawei phones, but there is none like iOS. This feature detects various levels of pressure on the display. It can be useful for the times when you don’t want to open a link and just want to see an overview of what is written in there. Also, some features – like the weather box showing the temperature without opening the app, are all very useful.

8. No carrier bundled aka annoying apps

With Android phones, you get a host of apps that come inbuilt. These apps cannot be removed or uninstalled from the phone. They can be disabled, but the phone shows you warnings. This means that these apps carry all the space but cannot be uninstalled iPhone does not come with any such apps and is thus memory clean. Hence it is like starting over your mobile experience, from a blank slate.

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