Hyperloop One: 8 Things To Know Before Anything Else

Hyperloop One – the much talked about the project, that if succeeds, can change the nature of public transport as we know it, forever. Many people are still superstitious about Elon Musk Hyperloop. They believe it is nothing more than a pipe dream, but the folks working at Hyperloop One have already started Hyperloop test in India.

If you are not mind boggled already, here are ten more things to know about Hyperloop technology:

1. It will be self-powered

Any tech giant knows that the only way forward is to be pro-nature. The biggest draw point of Hyperloop One is that it is eco-friendly. The steel tubes will have solar panels. Air compressors that cushion the pods need energy and this energy can be obtained from these solar panels. Even at nights or during cloudy seasons it would operate perfectly as it will store the energy for future use.

2. Minor malfunctions could result in major accidents

You are inside a windowless tube in a vacuum inside Hyperloop transportation technology. A slight malfunction could lead to a major catastrophe. If there is suppose a freak explosion, or if the pods fail, then the bullet will bounce violently on the walls and cause death.

3. It will only travel in a straight line or else the Hyperloop speed will make you sick

Manufacturers say that you will only feel the motion once the tube takes up speed, but you will feel nothing when the tube is in full motion. Our human body can only take about 0.2Gs of acceleration up and down and side by side. Anything more than this could make us sick. So designers are working to ensure that it feels safe and comfortable.

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4. Unique travel pods are envisioned

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies teamed up with UCLA to make this a reality. Different types of traveling pod prototypes are being discussed. The elements are being taken completely from scratch. Hence, what is made out of it at the end will depend upon safety and comfort factors.

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5. How would a Hyperloop One station look like?

Since Hyperloop will travel in a tube, the design will involve underground constructions which are why the stations need to be made from the ground up – just like metro railways in Kolkata. But of course, a lot more detailing will go into it to amalgamate human experience, technology and social change.

6. Hyperloop One speed – It will travel at 700 miles per hour

World’s fastest train travels at 200 mph and airplanes travel at 500 mph. So this is revolutionary. As already mentioned, it means that you can travel from Chennai to Bangalore in 30 minutes only.

7. Earthquake proof, no rain delays

It will be a reinforced tube, so there will be no rain delays in travel. Since pylons will be used, it will be as earthquake-proof as it is possible.

8. Costs and traveling management

The stations are supposed to hold about 6000 passengers within one hour. The costs of one-way travel would be around $20 in these. Also originally, Elon Musk’s idea was to have gullwing doors to allow easy loading and unloading of luggage. With time these ideas will also evolve.

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