Acer Is Working On A Mixed Reality Holographic Headset

Mixed reality holographic headsets! Well, this one sounds like a high-tech gadget. Microsoft announced today (3rd March 2017), Acer is going to launch the first mixed reality holographic headset. It will ship to the developers at the end of this month.

The brand new tech will be the standard development edition for the Windows Holographic platform. The news was first to shared in San Francisco this morning at the Game Developers Conference. It is clear that Microsoft is moving fast for the development of both AR and VR.

Now, since we are talking about the mixed reality holographic headset here, what exactly is a mixed reality? It is the blend of both AR and VR. It will help you bring the real world objects in virtual space and vice versa. It uses a camera which is attached to the standard looking VR headset. It helps to track both head and body motions along with the movement of objects around you. For instance, a table or a wall or something that you are holding in your hand.

What will Acer mixed reality holographic headset contain?

First of all, it will have two cameras on the front and inside out, and also six degrees of freedom tracking. It means there is no need for any external sensors or cameras. It is easy to map the depth, object recognition and even motion sensing. But, you will need the motion controllers if you want advanced hand tracking. We think these peripherals are in the pipeline, once Microsoft finalises the Windows holographic controller specifications.

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The specs of mixed reality holographic headsets

The device will come with a display resolution of 1440*1440 pixels. It will have two high-resolution LCD panels. Thus, it offers a better and higher resolution that any VR headsets available in the market like the Oculus and HTC VR headsets.

There is a 90Hz refresh rate. Also a 3.5mm audio I/O and an HDMI port for connecting the PCs. The headset is going to work with PC’s that run on Windows 10. Microsoft already announced that this new mixed reality headset would come at a price of $299. Thus, they are more affordable than the competitors like Oculus and HTC VR headsets.

Some more related mixed reality ventures

We have not yet tried out these Acer mixed reality holographic headset. Right now, it is not clear if the image quality is compromised by adding so many external components. According to Microsoft, it will deliver the content for the Windows Holographic devices by 2018. It will also include the project Scorpio game console upgrade.

So basically this means, we are going to see some cross platform AR, VR and Mixed reality contents coming out real soon. Chances are Microsoft’s Project Scorpio might be compatible with these headsets. It will add core features to the Windows platform for supporting the mixed reality holographic headset. Well, Acer is not the only one working on such projects. Intel is also working on something similar project called Alloy headset.

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