Amazon Alexa Is Available For Apple iPhone

You can now have access to Amazon Alexa on your iPhone or iPad through Amazon app. Amazon enabled their voice assistant for the iOS devices. In Amazon mobile app you have just to press the microphone icon and then give Alexa a command.

Previously, when you used the voice interface app, you could search products and check on recent orders. Now, you will get access to the full skills of Alexa. It will include the internet services, play Amazon music, reading Kindle books and controlling all the Alexa compatible smart home devices.

It puts Alexa to direct competition with Siri; still, Apple’s voice assistant will get the upper hand. The reason is, Siri is completely hands-free. With Siri enabled, you can just say “Hey Siri”, and it will listen to all your voice commands. To talk to Alexa, you have to open the Amazon app. In the case of home controls, Amazon has got a larger library of Alexa ready smart home products.

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The iOS users, who are already using Alexa, will embrace this free way of controlling most of the smart home devices. The major disadvantage of Alexa right now is, you can access Alexa Skills in the Amazon App. There is no other way to use the Alexa skills without installing Amazon App.

iPhone is not the first one to get Amazon Alexa

But iPhone is not the first one to use Amazon Alexa. The Huawei’s Mate 9 is the smartphone came out in January. It was the first device to use Amazon Alexa. Last month Lenovo also announced that it would also use Amazon’s virtual digital assistant for the Moto Z modular smartphones.

Ford Also showed the beta version of the new in-vehicle Alexa controls. It is for those vehicles that run the Sync 3 voice platform. At present, you can access more than 10000 Amazon Alexa skills. Amazon will also make the Alexa Voice Service accessible shortly. It is a self-service API that comes with documentation which developers use to build other devices embodying Alexa.

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