25 Amazon Alexa Best Skills For Kids

Well, Amazon has got one of the best smart home devices in the market, the Amazon Alexa. It has got more than a thousand skills too. But among those skills, only handful skills are there that kids will enjoy. Remember that the Amazon Alexa devices are meant for the whole family but a lot of you might not have known these features of Alexa.

These 25 Amazon Alexa skills also bring along the kids to have fun. All you need to do is put a command like “Alexa, open Santa’s Helper”, that’s it. Check them out now!

1. Santa’s helper

It is just the perfect option for the kids during the holidays. You can get Christmas themed jokes and facts.

2. Magic Door

It is a great test for the kids to make use of their imagination and put them to satisfying results. You can get stories to choose from, and this is a good interactive session during bedtime for the kids.

3. Animal sounds

It can play the sound of different animals of your choice. There are a lot of animals to select.

4. Spelling Bee

It is specially created for the grade school children to help them learn the different spellings. You can select as many rounds as you want.

5. Math Mania and 123 maths

It is a useful skill set for the kids who want to revise their maths skills like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

6. Tic Tac Toe and Hangman

These are two games that your kids will enjoy. Also, the Tic-Tac-Toe helps your children to form strategies and enhances thought process.

7. Animal Alphabet

The animal alphabet tests the knowledge of animals by spinning and jumbling the letters. It is a cool game for time pass.

8. Knock knock jokes

A collection of clean jokes that is designed and specifically tailored for kids. Once again an interactive approach that lets your children have some fun.

9. Superheroes

It is an Amazon Alexa skill loaded with different facts about superheroes.

10. Short bedtime stories

You can put your child to sleep with the short bedtime stories of Alexa. It is a fast and easy way when you need to rush your kid to sleep.

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11. Guess the number

The guessing game from Amazon Alexa that helps your child to think. It will quickly alleviate boredom.

12. Cat/dog/dinosaur facts

This skill of Amazon Alexa will offer informative and educational content for the kids to learn about their favorite animals.

13. Twenty Questions

It is yet another exciting game to keep your kids busy in guessing the names of vegetables, animals or any other things. It is a fun game for the whole family.

14. Happy birthday

It is the very own birthday wish from you Artificial intelligence companion.

15. Capital Quiz

An educational quiz that lets your kid learn about the different capitals of a place.

16. Musical Quiz

Your kids can listen to 100s of songs. You can choose samples from various song genres and then ask your kids from various types to test their musical skills.

17. Laugh Box

You can get multiple laughing options starting from a baby to a sinister.

18. Bingo

It is the first bingo caller.

19. Boo/Applause

If you want to applaud something artificially, now you have got it.

20. CompliBot

It is a skill of Amazon Alexa that offers compliments for those kids who feel upset, and it can be useful for adults too.

21. Baby Lexi

It is something that has got a baby name to it, but clearly, no one understands what it is.

22. The name game

It is a game of your name even though you think that is not possible.

23. Pokey Finder

You will get all the information about the 721 Pokemon that includes their unique abilities and types.

24. Sheep count

Alexa will help your kid to fall asleep with this sheep count skill.

25. 4A Fart

In this one, Alexa delivers funny sounds that will make your children laugh out loudly. A fun game for adults too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these Alexa skills.

    If you want to keep your kids entertained and engaged with Alexa without any disturbance try Alexa multiple laughing options like this skill “Ask Laugh Box for a Baby Laugh.” You need to pick one skill and laugh along with Amazon Alexa.

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