Amazon Echo With Alexa Voice Services To Launch In India This Diwali

After successfully launching the Amazon Prime, Price Videos, e-Wallet and now the Amazon Pantry, the e-commerce major is expected to launch the Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo in India. The Amazon Alexa and Echo are likely to be launched in the country during Diwali festive season as people in India prefer festive season to buy any products as it is auspicious.

The Amazon Alexa is a software that lets the users control home products such as lights, switches, thermostats and much more with voice recognition. These home products are from across the brands like Philips, Hue, Nest that works with Alexa. The Amazon Echo, on the other hand, is a hands-free speaker that works with the voice recognition. It allows the users to connect to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, news, sports scores, weather and more.

The Echo is currently being testing and it will be available in two version, Echo and Echo Dot. Both the variants are already on sale in the US market and when launched in India, it is expected to be priced between Rs 11,000 to 12,000 for the Echo, while the Echo Dot will cost up to Rs 6,000. At the time of launch, the Echo speaker will be available in English language only and at a later stage, the company will introduce other regional languages for the Indian market such as Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, etc. According to Economic Times, the multilingual interface is currently being developed at the company’s plant in Chennai.

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The idea of launching the device with regional language is because India has 234 million regional language users online a compared to 175 million English users, reported a study conducted by Google in partnership with KPMG.

The Alexa in the country will be linked to Amazon’s online marketplace and will give a tough competition to Flipkart, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri. The Amazon Echo will compete with the Google Home in India. With the launch of these products by Amazon in the Indian market, it will attract more mobile users that look for voice and visuals over text and regional vernacular content.

Amazon’s Alexa and Echo will be a new big thing this Diwali and we are excited to see the response of people in India. Indian prefer regional languages and if Amazon decided to launch it multilingual languages, we expected it to be successful. English is not our language and we would like to read content in our native languages. As we have mentioned above, there are less English users than the regional ones. So, will it be a hit or miss, this will be disclosed only at the time of its launch.

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