Amazon Plans To Bring Premium Alexa With Screen

Speaking of smart home gadgets, Amazon is facing quite a tough competition from Google Home and Apple Siri. Thus, the company decided to take their smart home device to one step ahead and upgrade it. Amazon Inc. is developing Alexa with a screen to get a competitive edge from Google and Apple.

In the new device, Amazon Alexa will have a touch screen display. It measures around 7 inches, and this option will make it easier to access different contents. You can have easier access to weather forecasts, the calendar appointments, and the news. Apart from Alexa with a screen, the new and upgraded Alexa will come with a better speaker.

Better sound quality in upgraded Amazon Alexa

With the high-grade speakers, the gadget will look much better than the existing echo devices. According to the latest reports, the enhanced version of Amazon Alexa will launch in the first quarter of 2017. At present Amazon didn’t comment on it.

Since it’s almost the mid of 2017, and yet the company didn’t make an official announcement, we can expect the device to be launched in the third or fourth quarter of 2017. At present, the smart home gadgets are one of the most desired devices. A lot of tech giants are fighting to get the upper hand on the smart home devices market. Amazon Echo speakers are a major hit. The company sold 5 million units since 2014.

Upgraded Fire OS

In the new Amazon device, it will come with updated version of Fire OS. The same OS runs Amazon’s Fire tablets and the Fire TV set-top boxes. The operation of the gadget is same. It responds to the verbal commands and spoken questions. Amazon is also working on a different feature. You might be able to pin photos of certain items on the screen. It is just like physically placing the items within a refrigerator door.

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Improved looks and benefits of Amazon Alexa with a screen

The cost of the speakers at present is $50, $130 and $180 depending on the specifications and variants. For the Alexa with a display, the price will be naturally higher. The upgraded Alexa with a screen is codenamed as Knight. You will get the new device in two colours, white and black. The device looks a bit angled.

Amazon Alexa Touchscreen

Amazon Alexa Touchscreen

Above the screen, there is a camera. Rumours are, it might come with video calling capabilities. Amazon might reveal the device next month. According to CNET, Amazon came with this idea after it got to know that Google Home has got an upgrade. Google Home can now recognise multiple users.

The new device will improve Amazon Alexa’s capabilities. With the addition of the screen, Amazon Alexa will offer another entertainment benefit to the people. They can now watch Amazon Prime videos and other videos on the screen while they prepare the meal. But to get this facility, you have to subscribe for Amazon Prime videos. Apart from this, it will solve the voice misunderstandings. Incase of any confusion of a query, Alexa will display the question on the screen, and you can correct it. Only audio input and output is not the best way because it creates confusion most of the times.

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