Amazon App Updated For iPhones To Use Alexa Without Echo

Amazon recently announced that it is rolling out the Alexa app for iPhones. And you don’t even need Echo to use it on iPhone. This means that you can now directly speak via iOS. All you need to do is download the Amazon App and tap on the ‘speak’ button. Immediately it answers to your queries about news updates, online orders, music.

Till now Amazon’s Alexa was limited because one had to be near Echo to make all these demands. Thanks to its latest update, you no longer need Echo. Use your iPhone to get all these done. Except there is one problem – there is already Siri for all these things in your iPhone. Amazon doesn’t seem to care as it has rolled out the app for the iOS users.

Amazon’s Expanding features on Alexa

You can use this feature to play various media, watch movies, and listen to music or audio books. But it is worth mentioning that you can take advantage only if you subscribe to Amazon’s Prime Music, Video, etc. features. Those who use Echo can still use this to integrate their Alexa skills into it.

But it is worth noting that Amazon is trying hard to expand Alexa’s reach. The e-commerce giant has recently sought support to expand its virtual assistant. It struck a deal with Huawei, which it revealed in January. Apparently, you can integrate Alexa with Mate 9 handsets from Huawei now.

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But will Alexa beat Siri?

Amazon doesn’t seem to hold back. Apple has been diligently trying to improve Siri. Recently, Siri got some drastic upgrades. Its recent update has made it more conversational and easy to interact with. But iPhone does not have its own smart home device yet. This is one aspect Amazon can leverage on. You can download the Amazon App on iOS later this week.

Alexa cannot be used as a standalone app, though. Siri can be – which can become a plus point for the Siri users. You need to launch the Amazon App every time to use Alexa via this app. Rumors suggest that the Amazon App will get another update. It will allow Alexa to distinguish the users by the sound of their voice.

Amazon App Voice ID

The new ‘Voice ID’ feature will make it easier to do song requests. It will deliver personalized experiences. The Voice ID will also help Amazon App keep track of the adults. This means that a child cannot suddenly end up buying a lot of useless stuff. It could also contribute to tailoring the weather and news information as per the tastes of the different users.

Other reports suggest that Amazon App will allow you to make voice calls and receive them. Currently, you can make voice calls via Alexa through voice commands. This feature might also evolve to become a long range intercom service around the world. It will connect in the same way it does right now using Echo.

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