Amazon Echo Show Launched With Touch Screen Display

In our previous article, we already mentioned Amazon is going to launch the voice enabled Amazon Echo. Finally, the tech giant revealed the latest smart speaker. It comes with a touch screen, and with the new voice-activated speaker, you can make voice and video calls. The new device is called Amazon Echo Show.

The users will get a 7-inch touchscreen. In this screen, you can use it for a video and voice calling with near and dear ones, check out photos, YouTube videos, songs, and shopping lists. One of the best features of this upgraded Amazon Echo Show is, users can start all these with just voice commands.

With this upgrade, Amazon Echo also gets a prime position as the best smart home device. The Amazon Echo Show is available at a price of $229.99. You can get the device in white and black colours. It looks like a tablet, and Alexa powers it. The device has got a lot of potentials. It can connect with devices like a smart doorbell, and it will show who is at your doorstep.

Amazon also launched the Echo Look which will let you take selfies and compare outfits. It is a voice controlled camera. Amazon is working hard to offer useful upgrades and accessories for the Echo lineup. Amazon debuted with the Echo lineup in 2014. In a very short period, the company has attained huge success with the Echo gadgets.

Amazon Echo Show features

The new Amazon Echo Show can play videos and contents from YouTube and other apps from the internet. About the video calling, you can call anyone with an Echo device or a smartphone with Alexa app installed.
A brand new feature of the Amazon Echo show is the “Drop In.” With this feature, you will be able to connect with other Echo Show users even when the person on the other side is not accepting the call.

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You can also choose to answer via voice or video. The device comes with a Dolby-powered speaker for excellent sound. This one is the fourth Echo branded model. According to market research, Amazon Echo is still dominating the smart home gadget market. It has got 70% of the market. The device weighs 41 ounces which are almost 1.1kgs.

Almost like a mobile Amazon Echo

The device is not a smartphone replacement, but you can do almost everything that you do with a smartphone. The voice responses of Amazon Alexa became much more efficient with the visual facility. You will get an optimised visibility across the room, call or message any friends, get news in the video flash briefing, check out the original photos, shop with the voice, see lyrics in Amazon Music and more. The only thing you have to do is ask.

Google has an advantage of the broad range of Android devices. But Amazon has got the Alexa system for the third party developers and the hardware makers. A lot of techs has already entered into the AWS’s enterprise. Amazon also got up a video conferencing startup called Biba. In this video link, you can see how you can deal with Amazon Echo Show.

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