Amazon is opening Physical Grocery Stores

The online retail giant- Amazon is giving a fierce competition online to all the other e-commerce retailers. It has already launched its brick and mortar store- Amazon books. It is available in California and Washington, and they are planning to open it in Oregan also.  After the big hit of Amazon books, this retail giant is ready to build physical grocery stores. This will compliment its online food service delivery.

Amazon’s Physical Grocery Stores

This retail giant is all set to launch convenience stores to sell perishable goods in the markets. These assets will include perishable products, milk, meat etc. This service will first be available to the Amazon Fresh subscribers and then to the rest. The company has already been functioning the Fresh  service for online sale of such products. They now plan to bring the stores on roads. Also, people can pick up their orders on the go, by saving it in their profile cart. Delivery is available on the go and on the same day, at preferred timings . This will help in winning customers who don’t prefer home delivery or online buying of such perishable goods and also who like picking their products in person.

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The target is of providing products with short shelf life in the stores for pick up, and property with longer life is available online for home delivery within the location given. Also, Amazon plans to open these stores within a year or two, since they are currently looking for good sites. Amazon is planning to open one physical store in Seattle within the coming weeks.

Grocery is one such area which e-commerce retailers fear to provide. This is because of the shelf life of the goods and also the transportation and storage problems. But with Amazon’s Fresh which is running from 2007, it is all set and ready to give a try to the physical grocery stores. It is a much riskier and cost-heavy business to work with.

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