Amazon Outfit Compare Recommends The Best Clothing Style For You

It looks like you won’t need to worry about whether you are buying the best clothes for you or not. Amazon, the online retail giant, launched an app for the iOS user. The app is called Amazon Outfit Compare. It allows people to upload pictures of themselves in various outfits. And you will get a quick expert advice about which outfit fits you the best. It is very simple to use. According to the company, the app will offer the best opinion on what you should wear to look best.

So how does Amazon Outfit Compare work?

Users have to upload two pictures of themselves with different outfits, and they will receive a response in a few minutes. It will let you know which one looks better. The results will consider the fittings, color, the style and the current trends. A team of fashion specialists offers the advice to people.

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If you go through the FAQ section, you will see only Amazon Fashion staff will view your pictures. The fashion experts come from different fashion related backgrounds. Once you delete the images, it will automatically delete them from your account too. So you can rest assured about your privacy concerns. Amazon suggests you take pictures in the same pose with same backgrounds.

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What will Amazon gain from it?

The fashion stylists rank them as “Definitely pick this one,” “We like this better” and “it was a close call.” You have to provide head to toe images for comparing the dresses. So don’t provide angled images or only headshots. The Amazon Outfit Compare is a fun app to use, but we are not sure yet what Amazon is getting from it.

The app does not come with ads, and also Amazon does not indulge you in buying clothes if you try it. Right now, we can say, Amazon is gathering user data to know what its customers like so that it can improve the user experience. According to Amazon, they are offering an original feature so that the members can get a benefit of their membership service in daily life.

If you want to try the Amazon Outfit Compare in iOS, it is hidden under the menu. Go to Menu, then click on Programs and features and you will see the Outfit Compare app. It should come out for the Android users soon. It is one of the best features of prime membership.

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  1. is cool but you have “trendvice” that is an app for free where you choose the expert that will give you the advice based in the pictures you upload plus a personalized message

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