Amazon Patented A Highway Network Control For Self-Driving Trucks

Amazon gets the patent of a highway network control. It will cover a very particular aspect of the self-driving experience. It is going to change the way; autonomous cars navigate the way through the reversible lanes. The reversible lanes indicate any change in the direction of traffic along with the overhead signals.

Thus, the company can avoid potential disaster zone for the self-driving cars. The programming of cars are not to understand the signals. In this way, the highway network control will help a lot. In the patent awarded to Amazon, the company formed a network that can communicate with the self-driving cars so that those vehicles can adjust the speed according to the change in traffic flow.

Why is Amazon highway network control necessary for self-driving cars?

It is critical especially for the self-driving vehicles that travel through the state lines across new roads with unfamiliar traffic rules and regulations. It can prevent a lot of mishaps. The company has already thought about how to ease out the process of creating its logistics network. It will also help in controlling the delivery process too. In December, it came up with its number of trucks for delivering the goods from one Amazon warehouse to another. One more reason of self-driving vehicles is, it eliminates the cost of hiring the vast number of drivers.

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Rumors on self-driving drones

There are also rumors that the company is also working with on the self-driving delivery vehicles on the drone division. It is Amazon Prime Air. One of the primary inventors of this drone, Jim Curlander is also the technical advisor of the Amazon Prime Air. The patent also indicates there is a roadway management system.

It assigns the lanes for the autonomous vehicles. It depends on where the vehicle is going and what is the best traffic condition. The system is similar to the cloud platforms that the different companies are creating so that the cars know about the traffic patterns, the safety stats, and any other information.

There is a difference. The main difference is Amazon will solely operate the proposed network. It will own the network. No individual automaker is allowed to own the networks apart from Amazon. The design is such that any car makers’ vehicle can take advantage of it.

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