Amazon To Drop Packages On Your Yard Via Drones And Parachutes

Amazon might land parachutes in your yard now. Don’t be afraid, the parachutes, containing your package, will not land directly over your yard. There has been a lot of buzz about how the parachutes will land. If they are not safely done, then the package might hurt pets or crash with objects. According to the e-commerce company, the landing is more difficult that making the package reach you via drone.

Amazon has tested the landing for seven years

The e-commerce giant has looked out for plenty of ways to deliver the packages. It released demo videos last year showcasing how the packages might land. Following this event, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Amazon a patented method to release packages safely from the drones.

According to the patent, the e-commerce giant might keep the drones flying high above the customers’ house. But they also said that landing the package from such high above had some implications.

Will there be a crash?

Since Amazon will release the packages via compressed air mechanism or parachutes, there won’t be any collisions. The patent filing explains “forcefully propel a package from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), while the UAV is in motion.”

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Amazon New Delivery System Patent
Amazon New Delivery System Patent Amazon New Delivery System Patent

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The company also plans to control the packages once it leaves the UAV. “The package can be equipped with one or more control surfaces. Instructions can be transmitted from the UAV via an RF module that causes the one or more controls surfaces to alter the vertical descent path of the package to avoid obstructions or to regain a stable orientation,” it explains.

Floating motherships? Not impossible!

The next thing Amazon might do is have floating warehouses. Yes, those would look like giant motherships or UFOs in the sky. The simple reason is – it would be easier for the drones to take the packages from the warehouses from up in the sky. This is just the idea – but everything begins from an idea itself.

Right now Amazon’s idea has been beaten by 7-Elven that has already completed 100 successful aerial deliveries. But the company is trying too hard to hold on to this idea. Let’s see how that pans out.

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