Amazon Web Servers Were Down Throughout One Whole Day

We just cannot deny a lot of e-commerce websites have to deal with innumerable traffic throughout the day. Amazon is one of them. Becoming a popular e-commerce site doesn’t seem to be really easy. The news that created a stir among the internet today is Amazon web servers (AWS) are down. It means a lot of things are going down with it. reported high error rates in different regions of the S3 web services. A lot of services are going offline because of it. had to suffer similar such problems in the past which knocked off the services of Instagram, IMDb and Vine. At present, there are other websites/organizations like Trello, Quora, Splitwise and IFTTT are also down.

Other companies affected by Amazon web servers going down

The websites developed with Site-creation service Wix are also offline. GroupMe is not able to load the assets. Alexa and Amazon Prime is also dealing with connectivity issues. The Nest app is not able to connect to the thermostats and any other devices as well. The connectivity issue is happening from a long time today. AWS is one of the best and most important businesses.

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A lot of companies rely on it. And this is why there are effects worldwide when Amazon web servers are down. The image systems of different websites also run on AWS. Those are down too.The cloud computing companies businesses S3 services offers on-demand storage for the large and small businesses. These companies started experiencing disruption on duty from 11.45 AM.

The problem was resolved in 2:08 PM PT. At that time, stated the services were running normally again. The websites using S3 servers were not able to access a lot of information that was stored in Amazon web servers. The problem resulted in a lot of sites facing slow load times, including, The Amazon prime features were also not accessible.

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Why S3 is so important?

The instruments/software like “is it down right now” and “Down Detector” are used for checking such issues. Forrester’s cloud expert Dave Bartoletti said, “This is significant because S3 is such a core service to AWS. Virtually everyone who uses AWS uses S3”. S3 is Simple Storage Service. It is one of the oldest services of Amazon web servers. It helps the companies to store different data, images and backup files. According to, S3 is designed to deliver 99.99999999% durability.

Amazon reports, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We are working hard at repairing S3, believe we understand the root cause. We are working on implementing what we believe will remediate the issue.[/quotes] According to Bartoletti, the problem involved a software malfunction. He also adds there are no indications right now to relate this problem to a physical server issue.

The root cause of so many companies going down

This problem states how a more connected internet can have significant problems when things are not as they are supposed to be. A lot of businesses opt for cloud services like the AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Since they won’t have to buy their own servers. So if the Amazon web servers are down, those companies are also affected. Amazon offers the best cloud services, but if there is a problem all the related companies will go down together.

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