AMD Ryzen Is Good But AMD Naples Outperformed Intel Easily

After the launch of AMD Ryzen processor, it received a huge appreciation. The Ryzen processor could deal with high workloads and high graphics functions. When it comes to the multi-threaded workloads, AMD Zen architecture is just THE best one. There is much more to the AMD Ryzen. It launched the new Zen server platform code named AMD Naples.

It is better than Intel’s Broadwell-E and Kaby Lake Silicon processor. Intel and AMD were almost equal competitors but, the AMD Naples is much more than just a powerful CPU and cores with SMT (simultaneous multi-threading). Apart from the CPU throughput, the memory bandwidth and IO can be as important. The AMD Naples offer exceptional levels of bandwidth and connectivity.

The Specs of AMD Naples

The specs of Naples are just excellent. It will come with 32/64 core thread server CPU based on the Zen architecture of the company. It will have a 2P (dual socket) server platform which results in 64 physical cores capable of providing 128 threads through SMT. Comparing Intel’s 22 core Xeon E5 2669 V4, the Naples have got a distinct advantage.

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AMD Naples has 40 or more threads of computing resources. It also has higher memory channel bandwidth and PCI Express high-speed IO connection. Its processors will have eight channel memory controllers. You can configure up to 16DIMMs of memory per CPU for a total of 4TB of DDR4 RAM. It is better than the quad channel memory setup of Intel. The memory speed of AMD is specified at 2400 MHz DDR4, and Intel has got 1866 MHz DDR4 interface speed.

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Once again, if you check out the PCI Express connectivity, you will see that the AMD is ahead of Intel. AMD offer 128 lanes of PCI Express with Gen 3 links, while the Intel Xeon comes with 80 lanes. AMD is stronger in the IO connectivity. The company’s Infinity fabrics offer communication links within the CPU sockets. Thus, it leaves all the PCI Express lanes available for connecting directly with the CPU root complexes for GPUs and other co-processors.

AMD Naples is much better and faster than Intel Xeon

When you compare the extra cores, the memory bandwidth, and PCI Express serial connectivity, the AMD is more powerful. It has got more CPU resources. It is also better suited to support the CPU cores with memory bandwidth and access to PCI Express. The AMD dual socket Naples was 2.5X times faster than dual socket Intel Xeon server.

The AMD Naples direct attach PCI Express connectivity can also go well for the company if they can couple it with the Radeon Instinct GPU’s for AI and the machine learning technologies. According to AMD, they will soon release the Naples platform in the market by 2nd quarter of this year. AMD didn’t mention the pricing yet.

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