AMD Ryzen Will Get Patches To Boost Performance

In our previous article, we already mentioned that AMD is going to bring a bunch of desktop CPU’s. Well, guess what, the company is also going to offer a set of patches to improve the gaming experience. AMD is working with game developers to provide a vital boost to the gaming performance of the Ryzen Chip when playing in the 1080p applications.

It is true that AMD performed well when it was paired with the high-end GPU in the graphics bound games. It was able to take advantage of the multicore capabilities of Ryzen. There are few changes that AMD is looking to make. Here are those changes:

More efficient gaming in 1080p coming soon

It is true when it comes to 1080p resolutions, Ryzen struggled. AMD is looking to change this. A huge number of people want to check out the performance of Ryzen CPU’s in 1080p. They are trying to make this better. The company is working with more than 300 developers.

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The company was always great when it comes to offering latest chipsets and hardware for the high-end games. It is in such a competitive market that is dominated by Intel and Asus. In comparison, AMD is still a new company, and the developers are catching up. So we can say that the developers are doing a good job.

AMD offered a statement, and they promised the gaming experience would be much better. According to Robert Hallock, a member of CPU technical marketing team, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We clearly have some work to do with game developers on some of these titles to invest in the important optimizations that can so dramatically improve an application’s performance on a new microarchitecture. It takes time, but we’ll get it done[/quotes]

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The features AMD wants to change

The game developers like Sega, Bethesda and Oxide Games are already working together to improve the gaming performance of Ryzen. Ryzen’s architecture is too limiting. It supports only 40% of the PCI express lanes. It is satisfactory for 98% of the destock market, but they are looking to increase the number of lanes. But Hallock dismissed the need to move quad-channel RAM.

AMD is also planning to continue working with the motherboard vendors so that they can enhance the BIOS performances. The high-performance windows power setting also benefits the chips. It turns off the core parking. Some gamers also use the core chips prepared by from AMD’s rival Intel and Asus.

A major competition

Well, speaking of competition, Intel reduced the price of their core processor just after AMD launched their new range of desktop CPU’s. The Core i7 price decreased to $300 from $380. The core i5-7600k price reduced to $200 from $270. Also, the Broadwell E-Chips price reduced with Core i7-6850K to $5500 from $700. The Intel i7 itself is priced at $360 from $500. Right now it is not clear if the price reduction is for all the Intel product lines. The other Intel product price list is not updated till now.

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