Android Auto App Update Brings In-Dash Display for Every Car

Most cars with entrenched displays on their dashboard nowadays have a clunky and straightforward user interface. This makes the phone synchronization and integration an errand. This is why the enthusiastic car user interfaces like the Google’s Android Auto that comes as a deft alternative to those who desire a much better user experience. This is far than a lackluster car interface. To get hold of Android Auto means getting a new car that supports it or at least getting a brand-new head unit. Unfortunately, those are not exactly cheap. Good head units frequently hover about the thousand mark, and a few only sport the Apple’s Car Play.

One Can Now Download Android Auto in His Phone

Fortunately, Google is tributes its word when it promised in May about enabling the users to use Android Auto as a stand-alone feature on their smartphone. It almost mirrors the same features showed on a car’s dash. One can now download the Android Auto app on his phone using the Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, the user must go through the course of managing consents like calls or messages. Once set up, it will look amazingly familiar with the Android Auto interface. As a result, the car owners with earlier Android Auto experience should not stumble with the app version.

What You Can Do With Android Auto?

For the non-beginners, Android Auto is Google’s committed info-entertainment user interface for automobiles. It brings features to your dashboard so that you might find it useful while driving. These functions include music controls, messaging and directions.

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Now Android Auto has replicated itself onto your smartphone where one can control the music with the device and have access to one-tap recently looked up directions. Having the smartphone version virtually similar to the dashboard, Google helps its users to avoid accidents. For few features like the music app, one won’t be able to search through his entire music library to keep the focus on the road.

Other cards on the app will provide access to the weather, calls, and messages. You don’t have to respond through typing or read these messages as Google can read them to you. This helps a lot to keep your eyes on the road. For incoming calls, it displays a caller ID with buttons for to answer or go to voicemail. Auto-replies are available with voice responses too.

There are a few other shortcuts available in the app with customization options. Google is too much into bringing its software onto vehicles, in such a way that now you won’t need an expensive new car to feel the luxury.

Update: Android Auto App on Google Play Store

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