Android Creator Andy Rubin Will Launch His Own Flagship Smartphone

The co-creator of Android, Andy Rubin is all set to create his brand new Android smartphone. He shared the first images his new Android smartphone today. It is just a tease only which reveals the corner of the phone. It displays the battery, time and network in small. The new device is coming from Rubin’s company which is called Essential Products Inc. The company makes smartphones, tablets, and mobile software.

The probable features of Essential Android Smartphone

The flagship smartphone from Andy Rubin will work as the foundation for the other products to come up very soon. A few smartphones prepared by Essential Inc. is bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus. The phones will come with bezel-free screens and ceramic backings. Andy Rubin and Co. is working on a proprietary version of the 3D Touch facility of Apple devices. They are also working on the magnetic charging service.

The image shared by Andy Rubin today is identical to Xiaomi Mi Mix concept phone, which comes with an edge-to-edge 1080p LCD and a ceramic body. We could get a glimpse of the smartphone in his Tweet. So right now it is hard to say what are the exact similarities of this new phone with iPhone 7 Plus and Xiaomi Mi Mix. One thing is for sure; the phone has got Zero-Bezel on top. So chances are, there is zero bezel below. The software is some Android version, but it ‘s hard to say the exact version.

Rubin has got 40 people on his team who are recruited from Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. Google. Rubin already discussed the Essential smartphone might come with AI, in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He also had talks with mobile carrier executives including some from the Sprint Corp. Rubin registered his company in 2015 with California Regulators. In late 2016, the company registered once again with US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Plans of Andy Rubin with this new smartphone

Rubin is targeting the top of line smartphones where Apple iPhone or Pixel is present. The phone is expected to come with high-end hardware and the ability to update with new features. In 2005, Rubin sold Android to Google. The Startup is also experimenting with the screen of the phone for sensing different levels of pressure. It is just like the Apple iPhone. They are testing the industrial design with metal edges and a back made of ceramic. It ‘s hard to manufacture than other regular smartphones.

According to Bloomberg, The engineers of Essential are on the way to develop a proprietary connector which will double up the charging facility. It will expand the functionality of the phone. The magnetic connector will allow Essential or any third parties in creating hardware accessories which add the features to the smartphone. Andy Rubin is targeting to put the phone on sale in the middle of this year with a price close to iPhone 7. But the plans are still not confirmed.

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