Android Features You Should be Using, If You aren’t Already

Android is loaded with tons of cool features and apps. Amidst of all these, we often overlook the best Android features.

Android Features

We give you some of the best features of Android till date which you just can’t miss!

Find a Lost Phone using Android Device Manager

This feature allows you to lock, track, ring and wipe your device if you lose hold of it.

By default, you can only ring and locate a device with this feature. To get access to full features, go into your main system settings and scroll down to Security. Find the Device Administrators option, and open it to see what apps have been granted admin privileges on your phone. Check the box next to Android Device Manager. It allows you to wipe and lock the device in addition to the ring and locate features.

Make your Android Device Faster

With time, Android devices have been functioning fast. But you can still make it faster. Why lag behind when your device can increase the pace?

Android contains a hidden developer options menu. You can enable it by going into your main system settings. Go to About > Software Information > More > Build number. Now tap seven times on it – a small message at the bottom of the screen confirms that you’re a developer.

Inside Developer options, scroll down to Drawing and find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. These are all set to 1x by default. You can set all of these to 0.5x for a more active interface experience.

Use Wi-Fi Direct for Quick File Transfers

Wi-Fi Direct is exactly what it sounds like a protocol that can create a direct connection between two devices via Wi-Fi. You just need an app to make use of it. Also, there are several on Google Play. SuperBeam is the most powerful, and it has a free version. You just share files to Super Beam and tap phones. Wi-Fi Direct allows you to queue up multiple files in a single go and the transfer rate can easily exceed 30 Mbps. It’s helpful for sharing large files.

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Priority Notifications

You can use the priority notification system to hide content from the lock screen and control which apps bother you when.

Notifications mode on most Lollipop devices is split into all, priority, and none. None means you get no notifications, not even alarms. Priority mode allows alerts as well as whatever apps you’ve deemed necessary. Also, there’s all, which is standard notification mode. In your Sound and notification settings, you can edit which apps have priority status, and allow priority exceptions for calls or text from individual numbers.

View your Old Notifications

Amidst a very busy day, we often ignore the important notifications hidden between the broken ones. To make sure that no important notifications are missed, use this Android features.

Go to your Android apps listing screen and tap the widgets tab. Look for a Setting shortcut in “Widgets.” Once found, tap, hold and drag it to your home screen, and select Notifications. Now you can see an icon with the name “Notifications.” Tap it to view your past notifications with a time stamp next to each one of them.

Tap and Hold the Full Stop Button to go to Punctuation Marks

Instead of switching to another keyboard layout for punctuation characters, you can just tap and hold the full stop button to use punctuation marks. Hyphen, colon, exclamation and apostrophe all in one place. As you tap and hold full-stop, a small window with the commonly-used characters pops out.

Speak to take Photo and Video

Your Android phone also lets you capture a photo or record a video simply by giving some voice commands. Activate the Mike in the Search app for Android and say “Take a photo” or “Take a video” to launch the camera app. This saves you the effort of going to the camera app and switch modes.

Give all of them a try and make your device an easy to use one with these Android features!

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