Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Update Rolled Out To Galaxy Note 5!

The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update is being rolled out to Galaxy Note 5 in India. Users would start receiving an over-the-air update notification on their devices. With this update, the March Android Security update is also coming.

As per this update, Galaxy Note 5 shall receive the TouchWiz  feature, through they will experience a better visual design and usability. It also extends battery life, restricts background data and brings in advanced power saving mode.

Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow

It brings with it a new vibration pattern concept. Also, you now have a new option for the settings for widget/icon, email, and the theme. There is a new featured Quick Connect through which you can find nearby devices and connect them seamlessly. This is possible for both previous connections and currently-linked devices. The size of this update is 1.26 GB, and so users are recommended to switch to Wi-Fi before the download this.

Revamped app permissions are brought in by this device. There is a Google Now on Tap feature, through which the web experience changes now for Android users, and new ways of handling web links open up. Now, Android Pay mobile payment system has become official. Additions include ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for blocking only alarms, notifications or sounds, new fingerprint APIs and New Silent feature for vibrate mode as well as sound mode. There is a feature named ‘Doze,’ a battery saver feature which would help Android devices manage the power smartly. Some include auto backup, restore the apps, adoptable storage devices, and RAM manager and new app drawer.

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There are a few problems that were plaguing the Marshmallow update in Galaxy Note 5. Not just in Note 5 but in many other Galaxy devices these problems were persistent. Thankfully there have been bug fixers and security updates for Galaxy S5, Note 4, S6 and Note 5.

Some issues like battery draining, Wi-Fi problems, and download hassles persisted with users who got the latest Marshmallow update on their smartphones. In case you aren’t able to find any manual bug fixes, you will have to remain patient. Chances are, the new Nougat update will fix these issues.

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