Android Nougat – Release date, new features, review and more

Tech Giant Google’s new char-lexicographical release Android Nougat or Android 7.0 “Nougat” is on the roll, Google decided to start the new OS with their own Nexus models in the market. Also, every android device that is connected with Google’s Beta Project will receive this new update shortly. Google also announced that they will be releasing new version updates quarterly which would be technically called the “Maintenance Releases (MR) “, these updates would contain all the new security fixes and other basic system software updates that are necessary for a seamless experience.

Google jumped from the Android “Marshmallow” 6.0.1 to straight Android “Nougat” 7.0 which is quite a long leap, considering the company’s previous records, Google has certainly made many improvements and added a bunch of new features, that would make our life easier.

Google claims that they have added 250 new improvements in their sweetest release. So here is a list of some newly added functionalities in the new Android “Nougat” 7.0

More Efficient Battery Life:

Google Android Nougat Efficient Battery Life

Google Android Nougat Efficient Battery Life

With Google’s improved back-end services, we would be able to use our android devices for much longer time spans without charging. Google has also upgraded its battery saving plug-in “Doze” that now works more efficiently and helps in saving our battery.

Multi Window Tasking:

Android Nougat Multi Window Tasking

Android Nougat Multi Window Tasking

The multi-window feature of Google lets you enjoy the benefits of two apps at once, just double press on the app and run two apps side by side. Although have seen this feature before but Google’s performance Bar Graph certainly seems to be higher than the other competitors.

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The Quick Settings interface

Android Nougat introduces fast access to services like Bluetooth, WiFi, Flash etc with simple gestures moreover, new editable settings layout greatly helps in organizing our devices according to us.

The feature was already available with some of the phone models of various manufacturers, but with Google’s new release this has been made a standard for all the android devices without any discrimination.

Multi-Language Support:

Google’s new feature adds up to productivity. Now you can simultaneously use two different languages to express yourself. Whether it is texting or formal online meetings, you can easily convey your messages.

In addition to previous emoticons, Google has also added 72 new emojis which now add up to a total of 1500 emoticons to use.

Faster and more Secure

The new update provides with the ability of Direct Boot which makes the booting process run in encrypted environment leaving no security vulnerabilities, you can even schedule tasks to run after the reboot that too without unlocking the phone.

Nougat introduced file system encryption and on the fly updates which lets you use your app while updating it to the latest version, all the updating work is done in the background so that you can have an alluring experience.

Trusted face:

Trusted face, a part of Smart Lock, makes unlocking even easier thanks to a new updated face recognizer. It is less sensitive to conditions like lighting, facial decorations (eyewear, facial hair, etc.), and the way you hold your phone. However, this feature is available for some models only.

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