Android Nougat Update: Complete List Of Phones

There is a long list of phones that should get the Android Nougat update. It has already been over six months that Android released its latest 7.0 Nougat version.

Now the new phones coming on the market already have Android Nougat, but some of the old phones are yet to catch up. Here’s a list of the phones that are expected to roll out the updates soon:

Motorola Android Nougat Update

The Motorola fans were very happy when they began rolling out Nougat updates in some of their handsets. They were to become the first phones to give the update, but a report published in October 2016 notified that that was not the case. The users had to wait for another three months to get the official update.

Now Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus got the updates in some parts of India, but users were not sure if they would receive this update officially soon. Lenovo notified that these devices would get Android Nougat Update –

• Moto G4
• Moto G4 Plus
• Moto X
• Moto X Play
• Moto X Style
• Moto X-Force
• Moto Z
• Moto Z Play
• Moto E3
• Moto G Turbo
• Moto G3

Moto Z series and Moto G4 will be the first ones to get the update among these phones. The best case scenario is two more months to wait. Now the companies are gearing up for their flagship release in MWC. Things might pick up after that.

HTC Android Nougat Update

95 days after the launch of Nougat, HTC 10 phones started getting the Android Nougat update. HTC One M9 was the next phone to get this update on December 5th, 2015. HTC has always been consistent with their updates. They quickly released their updates during the days of Marshmallow as well.

HTC 10 will be the first phone to get Android Nougat among all the other phones of HTC. This phone initially ran on Android Marshmallow. HTC’s next flagship, HTC U Ultra might even get Android Nougat 7.1 update soon. Apart from HTC 10 these are the two phones that will get update soon –

• HTC One M9
• HTC One M8
• HTC One M9+
• HTC One M8 Eye
• HTC One E8
• HTC One E9
• HTC One E9+
• HTC Desire 826
• HTC Desire 820
• HTC Desire 810
• HTC One 10
• HTC One A9

You can expect these updates to reach you three months later. This means that by late-February, you should start receiving its updates.

Samsung Android 7.0 Update

Samsung has this time shocked everyone. It isn’t usually the first one to roll out these updates. But this time it has given the Android nougat update 143 days after the release from January 12th, 2017. The first of the flagships to get the updates were Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Previously there was a five months gap between the first Marshmallow roll out and the first Galaxy (Note 5) device to get the update. So the Galaxy users can expect to wait for around the same time to get the update. However, the company is moving things fast this year by seeing its trend. These are the following phones which will soon receive updates –

• Samsung Galaxy S7
• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
• Samsung Galaxy S6
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Note 5
• Samsung Galaxy A3
• Samsung Galaxy A8
• Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (LTE enabled)
• Samsung Galaxy A7
• Samsung Galaxy A5
• Samsung Galaxy E7
• Samsung Galaxy Alpha
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos
• Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos

These phones have either already received the updates or will receive them within the next couple of weeks. If more phones are added to this list, we will keep you updated about the same.

Huawei Android Nougat Update

Weeks after Google released the Marshmallow update Huawei was the one to grab the update with both hands. Its users got Marshmallow out of the box just weeks later in Mate 8. Although Huawei Mate 9 has come with Android Nougat update, about the other phones, Huawei is disturbingly quiet.

They did allow us a Beta preview of Nougat in P9 but they have been quiet since then, and there’s not been an update on when they are going to release its updates. But later on, they lifted the veil and did announce the names of the phones which will get Nougat update soon –

• Huawei Mate 8
• Huawei Mate 9
• Huawei P9
• Huawei P9 Plus
• Huawei P9 Lite
• Huawei Nova
• Huawei Nova Plus

These phones will come with 5.0 EMUI skin. Huawei has announced that the updates will come within the next couple of weeks. Mate 9 has already come with the update. Apart from these phones, Huawei’s sub-flagship Honor will also roll out the updates in these two phones –

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• Honor 8
• Honor 6X

The updates in these two phones will be released at some time in the second quarter of 2017.

Sony Android Nougat Update

Sony rolled out its update on Xperia X performance. Next Sony started experimenting with the Software on Xperia XZ. By December 16th Xperia X and X Compact had also been included in the list. Earlier Sony had not shown this much urgency. They rolled out Marshmallow five months after its release. But by December the company took charge this time.

It is also the first Android manufacturer (besides Google) to roll out Android 7.1.1. So far it has been early to update. These are the following phones which will receive update soon if they haven’t already –

• Xperia Z5
• Xperia Z5 Compact
• Xperia Z5 Premium
• Xperia Z4 Tablet
• Xperia Z3
• Xperia Z3 Compact
• Xperia XA

It took about 99 days to launch the update at the earliest. Soon all the phones on this list will receive the updates.

Xiaomi Android Nougat Update

Xiaomi favors the Chinese market and it is quite popular in China, but it is always late for the rest of the world. It launched Android Marshmallow in its global version of the flagship in December 2016. This was almost a year after Google’s release.

In the Chinese market, the phones received the update in mid-April. This time Xiaomi Mi 5 got its nougat update in China 126 days after its release. It remains to be seen when the rest of the phones will follow suit. But in an official announcement, Xiaomi has said that it will soon release the update on these devices –

• Mi Mix
• Mi 4
• Mi 3
• Mi Note
• Mi 5

It must be noted that four out of the five phones have already got the update in most parts of the world. So if you are from a place where you haven’t got the update, be patient. It will soon be updated. The next to get the update would be Mi Mix. If it has not got it already, it will do so in the next few days.

LG Android Nougat Update

LG made a record this year. It took just 78 days to release the Nougat update in its phones. This is faster than most other brands on this list. The South Korean LG G5 got its update on last November 8th. In Canada, the same handset got the update in late December.

However, this is not new to LG. It has been pretty swift with its updates so far. Android Marshmallow was released within two months as well. In fact, after Google, it is LG that rolls out the Android updates. This time it was LG V10 which carried the Nougat family forward from LG’s flagship. But there are more to come. These are the phones which will get the update next –

• LG G4
• LG G5
• LG V10

LG’s updates vary as per carriers in the US. So depending on whether you have Verizon or Sprint, your update timing will differ.

OnePlus Android Nougat Update

OnePlus 3T already got its update. The company promised that all the rest of the phones would get the update 3T gets very soon. They took a good 131 days to bring the update. Unlike LG, OnePlus isn’t known for quick update deliveries. It took forever to roll out Marshmallow for its OnePlus X phone.

However, OnePlus made a promise that it will be fast in delivering its updates. The following phones are to get the updates real soon if we’re to believe OnePlus:

• OnePlus 3
• OnePlus 2
• OnePlus X

Nexus Android Nougat Update

If you want to be the front runner with all the updates, then you want to own a Nexus phone. The Nexus phones are always the first to get the Android updates. You can download the Android N developer preview and have the Android 7.0 Nougat already on your Nexus phone.

But first, these are the Nexus devices which will get the updates –

• Nexus 6P
• Nexus 5X
• Nexus 6
• Nexus 9

We’re not sure when the old handsets will get the update. But some of the 2013 devices might not get the update seeing the trend. Last time the 2012 Nexus devices did not get the Marshmallow update. If your phone is not that old, you might get the update soon.

Android One Android Nougat Update

Android One enjoys a major sweet spot when it comes to Google’s Android updates. So Android 7.1.1 updates already arrived for Android One right when Nexus phones got it. However, it might take a week more for all Android One devices to have the update on their phones.

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