3D Touch Facility Will Be Available In Android O

One of the unique features of the Apple iPhones is the 3D touch facility. Though mostly I have been an Android user, one thing I loved about the Apple iOS was the 3D touch feature. Till now, Android didn’t have that particular feature from the Apple iOS. But the good news is, Android O will bring you the 3D touch facility in your next Android phones.

Here is how the 3D touch works in iPhones. They have a pressure sensitive display. A light tap on any app will open the app. If you hard press it or press it for a few seconds, it will show you any new notifications, or preview of emails or messages. So if you get any message or emails, you will be able to check it without opening the app.

Here is how 3D touch feature will work on Android O

But thanks to Google, you will not need pressure sensitive display for using the 3D touch feature. In the Android Nougat, the company already introduced the App Shortcuts. It just works like the 3D touch facility. Google added this feature in Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

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This will work with any other smartphones with Android Nougat OS. So, it is not important whether you have a high-end smartphone or an affordable mid-range smartphone. You will get the feature anyways. The best part is, you will also not need a pressure sensitive display.

For example, if you tap and hold the Twitter App, you will get options for scanning the QR code, send a new message and also create a new tweet. Now, in the Android O Beta, Google also added another option. You can quickly add widgets right from the app and the shortcuts menu.

So, now when you get the notifications in any app, you can tap and hold on it to check the notifications and then swipe right or left to dismiss it. These features are coming as an update of Android O. So if you already have the Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, or the Nexus 5X, you will get these features if you install Android O Beta update.

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