Android Security Rewards: Google Paid $3 Million To Bug Researchers

Last year Google paid $3 million to the bug researchers who can find out vulnerabilities in Android, Chrome or other Google products. Searching vulnerabilities are not the only factor. They had to fix and make sure those vulnerabilities can never return in future. It is a part of the Android Security Rewards.

The amount roughly estimates to 21 crores, and this is a part of Google’s Vulnerability Rewards Program. According to the company details, it separately spent $1 million for safeguarding the Android and Chrome. The researchers got $1 million each if they could find any vulnerability, fix it and make sure it was not there anymore.

Successful completion of one year

Google claims that they are focused on offering bug-free apps, and they will make the Android OS secured one. Last year, the company rewarded $9 million after the program of Android Security Rewards was established in 2010. Also, the company said, more than 1000 individuals are paid under this Vulnerability Rewards Program.

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Apart from this, Google rewarded more than 350 researchers under the same program. Google also donated $130000, which comes to almost 88 Lakhs in charity till now. If you didn’t know about this, the program started in 2015. Last year in June, the company completed a successful one-year program of Android Security Rewards.

Encouraging young researchers by Android Security Rewards

Google paid more than $550000 to 82 researchers till June 2016. The price comes to an estimate of Rs 3.69 crores to the researchers who could submit different bugs and fixes for those particular bugs. The second half of last year saw almost similar amount spent on Android bug fixes. The company spent nearly $1 million to fix Android bugs. In the year 2015, Google paid more than $2 million to the researchers to find out the vulnerabilities. You can call it as a bounty program by Google. It is a way to encourage the young and talented developers to find bugs in company’s products, apps, and services. The program not only encourages young developers but also helps the company to bring more secured products.

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Here is what Eduardo Vela Nava, the VRP Technical lead of Google has to say, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We saw incredible contributions from Android researchers all over the world, and less than a year after Android launched its VRP. We also expanded our overall VRP to include more products, including OnHub and Nest devices. The vulnerabilities responsibly disclosed at these events enabled us to provide fixes to the ecosystem and keep customers safe quickly.[/quotes]

A total of 59 countries participated last year. We know Google is likely to spend a good amount for Android security. Let us wait and watch what Google’s announcements for this year’s Android Security Rewards are.

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