Android Wear 2.0 To Become Smarter And Better Compatible With iOS

Android Wear 2.0 is releasing next month and iPhone users have a good reason to rejoice. Yes, you heard that right. The developer previews have helped us to understand what the iPhone users can get from this smartwatch. So putting speculations to rest, we can now confirm that it does include iOS support.

Standalone Apps Feature

Developers can now create standalone apps which iPhone users can download from this smartwatch’s Play Store. Previously the Android users had to access their smartphones to download the apps. Similarly, iPhone users could only tap on the notifications. But upgradations were on their way and now we have it.

All you have to do now is mark your app as “standalone friendly” and ta-da! It will show up on the wrist based Play Store.

Dissatisfied with notifications? Watch out for Android Wear 2.0!

Apart from this development, even the app notification system has been revamped. The automatic tracking feature is on now. So it means that your fitness app could kick in while you are walking and track your activity without you having to touch the screen at all.

Plus, it will send you a bunch of thoughtful and personalized notifications. No more disturbances while you are at work. If you’re traveling to a new city, it would automatically update you with the weather details of the place you are traveling to.

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Voice recognition

Isn’t it easier when you are using your voice rather than using those dabby fingers on the miniscule screen? As for a person who has chubby fingers, I admire this new feature. All your activities can now be monitored with a simple “Okay Google” command now.

This prevents your gadget from falling into the wrong hands too. So it is a good security measure for a smartwatch. At least you’ll know that no one can hijack your smartwatch.

iOS compatibility

We weren’t kidding when we said iPhone users have the advantage now. Android Wear 2.0 has iOS 8.2 or above compatibility. It also runs on Android 4.3 or above. This smartwatch can work completely without any phone. If your phone has a cellular connection, you can even make calls while your phone is off with this device.

Talk about enhanced features! Wearers are definitely going to see a huge difference wearing this smartwatch.

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