App Store Will Reject Apps If Price Tag Is Mentioned

Apple will stop the developers from promoting the price of their apps. You cannot mention the price of any apps in App Store, not even in screenshots or names. For the past one month, App Store is rejecting such apps with price tags.

Apple iTunes Connect service is blocking the submission of apps in App Store or the Mac App Store when any metadata includes any information on price. Now this change will also have consequences for those who offer free Apps on iOS and MacOS stores. They cannot stand out from other similar apps.

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For a long time, app developers used to mention “free” for the free applications. Apple discouraged the developers in doing so in their iTunes Connect. In the overview of the App Store product page, you will also find that Apple discouraged the pricing of applications. Now, the company took one step further. If you try to place the price of apps, this is the error you will get,

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Your app’s name, icons, screenshots, or previews to be displayed on the App Store include references to your app’s price, which is not considered a part of these metadata items.

Please remove any references to your app’s price from your app’s name, including any references to your app being free or discounted. If you would like to advertise changes to your app’s price, it would be appropriate to include this information in the app description. Changes to your app’s price can be made in the Pricing and Availability section of iTunes Connect.

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No particular reason for the change in App Store policy

Even the free apps are not spared. Chris Apostle noticed this first. He is the chief revenue officer at a mobile marketing company. The company is called Moburst. While working with the customer’s iOS apps, the company inserted the word “free” in the app’s name and screenshot. But then the app updates in that content started getting rejected. Venture Beat reported, Apple confirmed this change, but the company didn’t shed tell any specific reason for the change of this policy.

It is not clear right now whether the apps that exist with price titles in App Store will be asked for changing their names. Chances are, this rule might be applicable for the new ones. According to Gadgets.NDTV, Apple is cleaning the App Store, and last year it announced it would remove problematic apps from the Store. They removed 50000 apps from store in October. On the other hand, the Android Play Store policies are still the same.

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