Apple Airpods Review: Wow Or Not?

Well, most of us are aware of the Apple Airpods that released recently after so much release date issues. Apple announced four pairs of wireless headphones. Out of them, three were branded headphones, but the fourth one was Apple Airpods that cost $159. If you have the iPhone 7 or the 7 plus, you have either the lightning connector Bluetooth wired headphones, or you have the wireless headphones. Now that the wireless Apple Airpods are in the market, are users happy about it? Let us find out in our review.


The design of Apple Airpods is simple, white in color and is totally Apple. The pods are placed on the opening of your ear. The small rod will come down the side of your face. This outer rod is short and is touch sensitive. The sleek design allows you to engage with Siri, pause the music and much more. The looks of this Bluetooth Airpods are identical to the wired headphones that shipped in iPhone 7 box previously.

Charging case

Since there are no connectors, the only way to charge the Apple Airpods is through the accompanying shell. The case is similar to a battery that offers more juice on the go. The case is small in size, and it will slip into a bag or even in your pocket. You will get 5 hours of listening time on one charge and a total of 24 hours listening time from the case.


Connecting the Apple Airpods is easy with any of the Apple devices. Just put the headphones and charger near your phone, and that is it. Once they are connected, the Airpods are available with iCloud to all the Apple devices, be it iPhone, Apple watch or a MacBook. The Airpods are connected and ready whenever you are. They can seamlessly switch from listening to music in Apple watch, iPhones and iPad. The connectivity is simple and refreshing.

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One headphone or two

It is not about listening to music in the same old way. The Apple Airpods come up with a wireless processor, dubbed with the W1 and it has some tricks too. Once you pop the Airpods in your ears, the music starts playing. When you take them out, the music stops. Instead of playing in stereo, you can only play in mono mode with a single headphone in your ear. When you remove both of them, the music pauses, and it will start again when you put them in your ear.

With a double tap, you can access Siri, control the music, control the volume, check the battery and perform any other Siri tasks. There are no buttons. An additional accelerometeris present in every AirPod that detects when you are speaking, enabling the pair of beam-forming microphones for focusing on the sound of your voice, filter the noise for clearer and better results. There is no auto-pausing or single stereo functionality.

Siri controls everything

There is no physical button, so everything is controlled via Siri if you don’t have the phone near you. To turn the volume down, tap the AirPod and wait for a beep. Then you have to give Siri a message, wait for the command to process and then carry on. It is same with skipping music tracks and any other controls. It might feel sluggish sometimes since we are habituated in tapping a remote on a wired set of headphones.

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Sound quality and performance

Considering performance and sound quality, Apple Airpods are almost identical to the Earpods which is distributed in the box while purchasing the iPhone 7 or 7 plus. The price is a bit high, but it comes with a charger and brand new features. It makes this a unique one. The Airpods are suitable for a broad range of music tastes. The bass is not heavy as the beats, so it should be suitable for a lot of people. There are no drops or no pops in any device you listen. And this is what makes the Airpods remarkable. When you have to take calls, the Airpods have microphones. It allows you to hear and speak clearly. The Apple Airpods are tested in different locations. Starting from quiet rooms to the busy streets, you can hear easily with Apple Airpods.

Activities wearing the Apple Airpods

You can do any activities wearing the Apple Airpods. But since the Airpods do not come with additional clasps or clips, it might fall off. And this is what worries a lot of people. Apart from this, there are chances of misplacing the Airpods. These are small and might get lost easily. But simply walking to some place or resting on a sofa will not have a problem. If you connect with them while running (for the Apple watch), there is a bit of loss in sound. And the headphones also fall from ears.

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So now that we know what the features are, here are the two major cons of the Apple Airpods.
There are chances that the headphones might get lost because of the small size. It is what most of the users are worried.

And the second factor is, while some activities, like ding exercise connecting the headphone with Apple watch, the headphone might fall off. It fits the ear in normal situations, but in the case of any physical activities, the headphones might fall off quickly. And sometimes, they don’t fit all the ears equally well.

Final verdict:

The headphone offers impressive design, looks great and gives complete hands-free support features for performing a lot of activities. The price is also reasonable. If you are not planning to perform extreme physical activities and be a bit careful about not losing the headphones, then this is going to be a very useful gadget for you.

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