Apple Airpods Finally Available For Sale After Delays

And the wait is over! Apple finally released the Apple Airpods on sale after a 6-week delay. Though in limited quantities, but the Airpods are available in the retail market. These are the most talked about headphones, where you won’t need any headphone jack. It was delayed in October. The reason was, Apple said it needed time to get the technical issues right. But even though Apple Airpods are present in the market, they are not available in full swing. As the company says, “AirPods will be shipping in limited quantities at launch and customers are encouraged to check online for updates on availability and estimated delivery dates.

The price and technical advancement of Apple Airpods

From the next week, the stores will have regular shipments of Airpods. And you can have the headphones at a price of $159 from next week. The Airpods are the first wireless earbuds from the company. But they come in a familiar white design that came earlier with the wired headphones. The Airpods are the ones from Apple to support W1 chip. It uses the accelerometer sensor for detecting when the Airpods are in the user’s ears. The W1 chip can also detect where the users have inserted one or two Airpods in their ears. And then the Apple AirPods function accordingly.

Sales have already started

The Airpods can last for five hours on a single charge. They come along with a microphone for the calls. The Apple’s new handset comes with wired headphones; it can only connect with an adapter through the lightening port. The Airpods can connect to other devices too via Bluetooth. Delays in the shipment of Airpods have reduced the enthusiasm of a lot of people. But at present, the wireless headphones are now available in more than 100 countries in Japan, US, UK, Australia and Canada. They are also on sale in Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, India, The UAE, and Netherlands.

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Technical glitch in Apple Airpods

Some of the users have expressed concerns that they might lose the Apple Airpods. CEO Tim Cook says, he personally didn’t have the chance of using it. The users of iPhone 7 and 7 plus, can now either use the wireless headphone. Or they can also use the wired headphone with lightening adapter. The technical issue that Apple faced with the Airpods was getting both earphones to play music at the same time. Apple technical development personnel said, “Apple was struggling to ensure that both AirPods receive a Bluetooth signal simultaneously, something that would help them avoid sudden connection dropouts or out of sync audio. Apple must ensure that both earpieces receive audio at the same time to avoid distortion”.

How to charge the Apple Airpods?

The Airpods work to a distance of 10 meters from a paired device. To pair the Airpods, you need to have the latest iOS 10 or the watchOS 3 or MacOS Sierra software. The user has to open the small magnetic carry case close to the device. And wait for the notification to connect. Every time you remove the headphones from the case and put them into the ears, the device will connect automatically. The Airpods are charged through the case. And the case is charged by a lightening connector. Just like an iPhone.

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