Apple And Other Tech Giants Looking For Legal Action Against Trump’s Travel Ban

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company is considering a legal action that is targeted against President Trump’s travel ban. Recently President Trump ordered a ban on immigration that restricts refugees to enter the US. The country is not allowing travelers or employees from seven Muslim-majority nations to enter the US soil.

It immediately resulted in an outrage, not only among the people but also among the biggest corporations. Apple, one of the most dominant tech companies in the world, is now looking to take up legal action. Apart from Apple, other companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon also openly criticized Trump’s travel ban.

Tim Cook’s statement on Trump’s travel ban

According to Tim Cook’s comment to The Wall Street, “More than any other country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds.” Well, at present Cook didn’t specify Apple’s possible legal options and he just vowed to be “constructive and productive.” According to the CEO, it was just a simple decision to oppose the executive order. Well, you just cannot deny that the foreign employees have families too. They are the taxpayers, and they are coworkers and an essential part of the community.

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Last Friday, Trump signed an executive order on a 90-day ban on travelers from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Yemen. The decision paused general refugee administrations in the US for 120 days, and also stopped the Syrian refugee settlement for an indefinite period due to country’s on-going civil war. According to the White House, this order was a necessary one for national security that Obama government failed to provide. Cook completely disagreed with the law stating that immigration proved to be perfect for Apple’s thriving corporate climate. In an email, he said, “It is not a policy we support.

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The union of tech biggies against Trump’s travel ban

Apart from this, Amazon and Expedia filed a declaration of support for Trump’s travel ban. GitHub arranged a meeting of tech companies to support the resistance. Google and Microsoft’s executives too have protested against Trump’s travel ban. Cook also told The Wall Street, hundreds of Apple employees are affected by the order. He will continue to contact “very senior people in the White House” to tell them why repealing the executive order will benefit Apple and the whole country.

Also, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple have come together to draft a letter against Trump’s travel ban. It is not clear who is Cook talking too, but the CEO already met Trump after his election. Also, Cook had dinner with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jaren Kushner in Washington DC.

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