Apple Clips App Review: Great Photo And Video Editing App

Apple was planning to launch the Apple Clips photo and video editor app for the last one month. And it finally released the app yesterday (7th April). It is a great app to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad. You can get it from AppStore for free.

The app looks completely new and offers a fresh user experience. But there are few flaws in this app too which we will discuss in the latter part of the article. Frankly speaking, Apple names the app as only “Clips,” but you can call it as Apple Clips too. The app is not as detailed as iMovie app, but it a lite app to use.

The features you get on Apple Clips app

The Apple Clips app offers you with quick editing options to share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Message app or any other social media platform. It has got a single screen interface. The app offers you with some cool effects, text banners, filters, emoji, and stickers. You can make multi-clip videos without editing the timelines or learn complicated tools. If you are too tired to type down text, just only speak it out, and Apple Clips will do the task for you.

Live Titles

There is a new feature called Live Titles in Apple Clips. It will let you add animated captions and titles with just your voice. As you speak, the app generates captions immediately. The best part is, it is perfectly synced with the voice of the user. You can choose seven different title styles. When you edit the live title, you can also add punctuation, select the text, replace words and even you can insert emojis. You can choose the cool templates, but there are just 12 templates available. You will get a range of other features like the speech bubbles, artistic filters, emoji overlays, a lot of music tracks and full-screen posters.

Recording videos in Real-time

If you want to add stickers or emojis, it is simple. Just click on the sticker button on top and swipe for accessing the emojis, select one and then resize it. You can create videos in real time with this app. Touch and hold the red button for shooting live videos. You can also add anything from the library. All you have to do is just touch and slide the red button towards the left for keeping it ON. Touch the button once again to stop the recording.

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Fun effects

You can create fun effects with Apple Clips in videos with the animated speech bubbles, emojis, and banners. Adding emojis are very simple. In the emoji page overlay, use the standard emoji keyboard to choose new emojis. When you have completed the clips, the app will also recommend and share your creations with people. It will start with those people who are mentioned in your voice clips or included in your photos. You can share the photos directly on Instagram, YouTube or other popular social media sites.

Nice to use but a bit confusing

The app is fun to use, but it is a bit confusing too. When you launch the icons, you will see a drop down arrow on the left. Touch the icon, and you will see there are no menus and directly access folders of clips and images according to date. There is a + icon just next to the folders. You can start new clip there. So basically, you have to touch the down arrow and the + icon every time you want to create a new clip. There should have been a dedicated button on the top layer to create new clips.

No voice clarity in iPad

The Apple Clips will work perfectly when you are using it on iPhones. But when you use it on iPad, the app could not listen to voices at all. There is a speaker placement issue with the app. One more issue with the app is, you have to press the red button not only until you have taken the video, but until the software can understand what you said. You need to wait till the decoder recognizes your speech. If you release the red button just after completing the video, the Apple Clips will show only the text which was decoded till then and not the full sentence. You might also find the section of templates and edit tools is limited.

Adding images is also confusing

The Library will let you add pictures and videos to edit. For instance, you would want to add photos and videos and then edit them separately. But while editing, while you tap on the red button once again, it will show you options for adding another photo to the current clip you are editing. Now, this is confusing, right? These are some minor issues in the Apple Clips app, but apart from these, the app is not bad to use.

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