Apple Cuts iTunes Affiliate In App Commission To 2.5%

Apple finally clarifies the changes on the commission of iTunes affiliate. Initially, a lot of reports stated that Apple would reduce the iTunes Affiliate commission charges from 7% to 2.5%. Now the tech giant has finally confirmed, they are not going to take any such drastic steps now. In another report, Apple confirmed, the commissions for in-app purchases will reduce to 2.5%. But the overall iTunes Affiliate charges will remain the same. Thus, the affiliate users will still receive the 7% commission for books, movies, music, the paid iOS applications and the Apple TV.

The iTunes Affiliate charges table

Apple categorically mentioned the commission and iTunes Affiliate charges. They are as follows;

  • iOS apps commissions: 7%
  • In-app iOS commissions: 2.5%
  • Mac Apps commissions: 7%
  • In-app Mac commissions: 7%

For those who are not familiar with the iTunes Affiliate program, Apple offers a 7% commission for those who create unique links to the iOS apps and other content. Thus, for every purchase of the iOS apps and other content, the affiliate user will get 7% commission. Within this program, a lot of online publications and other outlets can generate revenue by including the links to App Store. Two weeks ago, Apple claimed they will offer affiliate commissions on Apple Music Membership. So you are going to get different ways to earn commissions.

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So the affiliate commission charges remain unchanged

Right now it is not clear what exactly happened. In the previous reports, Apple was pretty clear about the iTunes Affiliate commission charges. They clearly said the overall commission would reduce to 2.5% from 7%. Chances are the company returned to keeping the rates same because of the outcry of affiliate users.

Apple reduced the in-app purchases commission rate because a lot of users are renewing the subscriptions. And last year also the company reduced the overall revenue share and subscription purchase from 70-30 to 85-15. The tech giant also claimed it was a misrepresentation of their actual comments. It is clarified by a lot of blogger and website owners. Websites like MacGamerHQ confirmed the 7% commission for apps remained unchanged.

How to join iTunes Affiliate charges?

If you are willing to join the Apple iTunes Affiliate program, then you can go to the Apple Resources Webpage. Click on “Getting Started” and check out the “Updated Program Overview.” It will offer you with all the information on commission rates, how to create links, reporting or any other useful resources.

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