Apple Developing ARM Chip For Mac To Overcome Dependence On Intel

Apple is developing a new chip for the Mac Laptops that will enhance the battery life when the laptop is in sleep mode. The chip will handle a lot of basic tasks like checking the emails, installing the updates and synchronize calendars even when the computer is asleep. At present, Apple is relying on MacBook’s primary processor for handling the tasks. Thus, if the company can come up with an ARM chip, it will enhance the battery life a lot.

The Apple ARM chip is similar to the Apple made processors. These were used in the MacBook Pros to manage the Touch Bar. All, we can say is, this is an initiative to replace the Intel processors with Apple-designed ARM processors.

The first Apple ARM chip

The chip is prepared with ARM Holdings Plc technology, and it will work along with the Intel processor. The development of a much more advanced Apple ARM chip for Mac laptops is a step in company’s long-term exploration to become independent of Intel processors. Apple is already using the A-Series processors for iPhones and iPads from 2010. The first Apple ARM chip was T1. It came in MacBook Pro update last year. The chip powers the Touch bar, a screen built into the Keyboard that will allow the users to get access to shortcuts.

Power Nap

Apple Engineers are now planning to reduce the load from the Intel processors. The new feature is called “Power Nap” for the next gen ARM chips. It will take up less battery on the Intel chip. If it can shift to completely ARM chip, then it will conserve even more power. The present Apple ARM-based chip performance is independent of any other components of MacBook Pros. The new version will connect other elements of Mac’s system, which includes the storage and wireless components. The MacBook Pro already has a low-power mode. So Apple might not highlight this new feature.

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Is it helpful?

We already know that Apple’s ARM-based processors for phones and tablets are dominating the market because of power efficiency. Apple is shifting to the ARM-based processors for laptops to enhance the power efficiency. You can get the new chip in the latest MacBook Pro laptop this year. On the other hand, it is not clear for how the ARM chips can be helpful because the battery efficiency will only come into action when the device is in sleep mode.

Thus, it increases the standby time of the Laptop. Apple is also working on a new 12-inch version of MacBook this year and a new iMac that has got multi-functional USB-C connectivity.

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