The Countdown Begins: What to Expect at Apple Event

So, the date of Apple event has finally arrived which will be held at Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ headquarter in California. With no surprises, all eyes will be on their latest iPhone.

The iPhone X

According to reports, Apple will unveil 3 phones –  the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. While 8s will have new features, it’s the iPhone X that will come up with most dramatic changes since its launch about ten years ago. The iPhone X will feature a bezel-free, button-free design. It means the users will rely either on a digital button or a hidden, embedded button under the glass.

The Apple Watch

In Apple event, we can also see the launch of their new version of the smartwatch, the Apple Watch 3. The new watch will include a red dot on its digital crown and a built-in LTE antenna. It means that the watch can function as a phone even when not connected to the iPhone. The watch will also be able to update Internet-enabled apps.

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AirPods, Apple TV and iOS

While Apple can also announce the release dates for their AirPods, Apple TV and iOS.  The new AirPods will have the features like the ability to create new gestures for controlling various aspects of music control such as play or pause. While there are rumors that Apple can also unveil their new Apple TV, one which supports the 4K content.

Timings of Apple Event

The event is due to start at 10 am Pacific Time, which translates to 10 pm in Pakistan, 10:30 pm in India and 6 pm in the UK. If you have an Apple TV, you can download a dedicated app to live stream the event. Just Make sure that you are using fourth generation Apple TV or your software is updated to version 6.2 or later. You can also watch this event on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, but the users of Firefox and Chrome are out of luck.

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