Apple iDevices Quietly Upgraded By The Company

Yes, we know that this is not Apple’s style of doing things. But Apple CEO Tim Cook took over the presentation stage and mentioned details about all Apple iDevices and their updated features. On 21st March, Apple came up with a new version of a lot of devices.

These include iPhone 7, a new version of iPhone SE, a brand new line of cheaper iPads, and a new social media app. Well, we don’t know the exact reason why Apple launched so many updated devices without any prior notice. But the devices are pretty impressive in looks.

Red iPhone 7

It is one of the best looking Apple iDevices I have ever come across in my life. The Red iPhone 7 is so sleek, classy and it’s just so beautiful. Obviously, the specs and features are same. The new iPhone color is a part of Apple’s longstanding partnership with Red. It is a charity for fighting AIDS. It started with iPod Nano in 2006. The Red Apple iPhone 7 will come with 128GB and 256GB storage.

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iPhone SE

We already know Apple iPhone SE is already launched in India at a lower price. Now, iPhone SE 16GB version is obsolete. It is available in only 32GB and 128GB models. There were some complaints previously about the 16GB storage space, not enough. The new iPhone SE will come at a price of $399.

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iPad – One of the most popular Apple iDevices till date

iPad Air 2 was one of the most popular Apple iDevices for last year. Now, the iPad Air 2 gets a branded update. The 9.7-inch tablet is cheaper, and it starts at a price of $329. It comes with an upgraded A9 chip and also has a retina display. The base model comes with 32GB storage. You can get it from March 24th.

Clips App

It is a video focused app from Apple which can automatically caption the videos. It can also apply filters and contextual information like time of day, change/edit the clips, and add music. You can create videos before you upload it to Instagram or send a video through iMessage. You will get the Clips App in April.

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