Apple iMac Pro Like Powerful Assembled Windows PC For $5500

The specs for iMac Pro is out, and Apple announced it would be available by December 2017. The base price for Apple iMac Pro will be $4,999, and the high-end version will be $17,000 as per reports and experts. As per the iMac Pro specification on Apple’s website, ZDNet tried to build a similar system. The assembled system is as powerful as iMac Pro but may cost less than Apple’s. This can be only said once the official price is out on the market by Apple.

ZDNet has put the closest match and alternatives to build a system as good as iMac Pro. The significant difference between the assembled system and Apple system is the OS. ZDnet system has Windows OS. The OS is the best part for Windows lovers who want to get the unmatched speed of Apple iMac Pro on a Windows PC.

iMac Pro clone specification

The assembled system has a Dell UP2715K 27-inch Widescreen 5K display. The price of Dell UP2715K 27-inch Widescreen 5K monitor is around $2000. We also find out that Apple recommends LG UltraFine 5K Display screen as a Mac Accessory. And the LG UltraFine 5K monitor cost $1,299.95 which much cheaper. If you go by Apple’s recommendation, there will be a huge saving.

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On a through research and comparison, we find the rest hardware much cost effective and as powerful as the specification of iMac Pro. The graphics card mentioned in the assembled system is EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X. But Apple will be using AMD Vega Graphics card. The reason behind is the said AMD graphics card is not available. But according to recent updates and reports the AMD Vega Graphics card will be available soon and at a less price. This will make the assembled system even cheaper.

In general, the assembled system may be as robust as Apple’s. But the Apple’s price will defiantly not be as lower as the assembled system. You will need to change the whole Apple system for any major upgradations. On the other hand, only the parts of the assembled system need to be modified for any upgradations.

Both the system has their pros and cons respectively. We wish Apple iMac Pro will be value for money and the assembled system will be great for Windows lovers.

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  1. Aren’t people becoming just a bit too smart to pay for the name when they can simply build their own machine for less? Or… wait, never mind; forget I said anything…

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