Apple Inc. Will Come Up With A Brand New Apple Mac Pro Next Year

So, finally some great news for the Apple fans who were looking to get a great desktop from Apple. Apple Mac Pro will come to you with a brand new look, display, and features next year. Yes, “next year” sounds a bit disappointing, but still, Apple deserves the praise.

Just when we thought Apple was on the verge of abandoning the Mac and MacOS, Apple came up with this announcement. For now, you can purchase a Mac Pro which comes with a 6 core Intel Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro D550S and a 16GB RAM. After 4 years, Apple comes up with a something new.

5 years for a new Apple Mac Pro

Apple prepared a bunch of laptops and MacBooks last year. It came up with different variants of MacBook Pro with different features and price. There were mixed reactions to the updates and developments of MacBook Pro. While a lot of people liked the initial Apple Mac Pro, Apple failed to come up with a proper and upgradable desktop.

Undoubtedly, the Apple Mac Pro is one of the best computers available in the market considering speed and functionality. Now that Apple is offering an upgraded version of Mac Pro, the question that comes here is what took Apple so many years? And that too a company like Apple which has got the best resources and technology in the world when it comes to making gadgets.

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There is only one answer. Apple failed to create medium sized desktop, especially those desktops which are upgradable. Apple created big ones like the iconic G5, or it came up with smaller ones like G4 or the Apple Mac Pro of 2013. Thus, Apple needs to find a middle ground. According to Apple, the previous Mac Pro was constrained thermally.

And this is what restricted their ability to upgrade it. They have already asked their team to re-engineer the Apple Mac Pro and bring something great to their customers. We are hoping the Mac Pro next year will come up with more expandability and upgradability to meet customer’s needs.

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