Apple Is Investing On Claims That AirPods Are Dropping Calls On iPhone

Well, Apple AirPods are one of the most loved accessories among the gadget freaks. It is a great one to use for those who have the latest headphone jack free Apple iPhones. Unfortunately, the Airpods are recently creating issues for a lot of people. Shortly after it was launched, Apple AirPods had the battery issues. Now, one more complaint is added.

The AirPods are dropping calls, and you cannot receive any audio while you are in a call. The problem of call drop happens when you are using them on iPhone 6s and any other iPhones.

To what extent AirPods are bothering users?

The issue is mostly affecting a small percentage of AirPod users since most of them use it with iPhone 7. And this issue is happening on the iPhone 6 and 6s. Still, Apple is looking into the matter to bring a quick solution for AirPods dropping audio. Apple might bring an update to solve this issue.

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Speaking of the depth of this problem, different people are experiencing on varying degrees. We took a look at the thread on Apple’s Support website. Some users claim that the call/audio drop problem occurs every hour, while others face it every minute. In most of the cases, only the phone call audio is cut while the music/songs will continue to play.

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A fix is on its way

Most of the users of iPhone 6 and 6s have reported this problem. Recently few iPhone 7 users also reported this call drop problem. Few comments on Apple Support website suggests that sometimes Apple Watch is connected to the phone.

It makes the situation worse. But others also say that Apple Watch connectivity is not the cause, because some users, who do not have the Apple Watch, are also facing the same problem. A lot of users spoke to Apple engineers regarding this issue, and they even replicated this issue for the staff. So we can say that Apple is very well aware of this issue and they are working to fix it.

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