Apple iOS 10.2 public beta version released

Apple recently rolled out the second beta for its iOS 10.2. This update introduces quite a few important features and upgrades to the iPhone maker’s mobile operating system. The second beta version that Apple has developed for iOS 10.2 is in general not enabled for regular user’s access. These versions are for developers to give a head start in building and tweaking their apps to employ an upcoming iOS update. Frequently, a public beta is rolled out along the developer beta. As the second beta of iOS 10.2 includes a new app, Apple has apprehended a public launch

What’s New in iOS 10.2 Second Public Beta?

The biggest upgrade to the second beta version of iOS 10.2 is the new TV app for iPhone. This is an Apple’s platform for online videos. Through this app, users will be able to browse through most of the TV shows and movies, besides the videos hosted on various online platforms. One thing to be considered is the exclusion of Netflix content.

The second beta version adds a new SOS function. this will automatically connect the iOS device with some emergency services soon after five presses on the home button. This feature also has the options to be available in select countries. The Apple’s Music app will also see minor changes to its edge.

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Additional Features

One of the major inclusions to the second beta version is the provision of full support to Unicode 9.0. This would expand the choices for emoticons and emojis in the iOS. Few of the emoji to be added are the facepalm emoji, shrug emoji and a group of new emojis that would represent animals and professions.

The first beta version revealed that the iOS update will include an option to Preserve Settings for the Camera app. This feature will retain the options that the users make while taking pictures. This comes with a new widget for the Video apps too.

The Non-Developers can use it too

Luckily, for non-developer users, there is a way to install the second beta version even without having an Apple developer account.This method to use the second beta of iOS 10.2 without having a developer account was unveiled by the YouTube user iCrackUriDevice. The video demonstrates that the users do not even need to link their iPhone or iPad to their computer.To start, the users will first have to install the Apple’s developer beta profile. Once installed, the new beta version will be accessible as an over-the-air upgrade automatically.

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