iPhone 6 chip design defect is now a nightmare for Apple

Recently, Apple forums are facing increased complaints and inquiries asking “What are these gray flickers and why my screen keeps on going in ‘Not – Responding’ state again and again?” The issue is repeatedly reported to be found in iPhone 6 and 6 plus models and most of them are approaching their second anniversaries.

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The solution to this problem, as suggested by any Apple store or Apple certified technician is either replacing the whole magic board inside the nut or buying a brand new iPhone and start anew. However, these solutions are not only quite expensive but also put a question on the skill of Apple technicians, as many third-party technicians claim to solve the problem efficiently at low expenses.


Micro soldering specialist Jessa Jones of [highlight] IFixit [/highlight] , explains that the problem is caused due to the flaw in the design called “Bendgate” for the models 6 and 6 plus. Due to high flexibility of the phone, the two Touch ICs that regulate the touch screen behavior, may go rogue which causes the touch screen to stop functioning according to you, what happens on micro level is this “Due to the bending of the phone the soldering on the ICs, which connects them to the screen board may get loose and a proper connection between them is severed.” This will cause it to temporary ditch the touch controls but will come back if you apply pressure on the screen and accidentally make the connections again. However, if the soldering is cracked and moved apart, then all you have a brick in your hand which of course is of no use to you.

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No, the design for these two models is made such that the two ICs are already fixed into the display board, so there is no soldering joint between them, which protects them if the phone bends.


Given the fact that Apple has not taken any initiative for repairing the phone efficiently, you will have to either replace the whole logic board or buy a new phone. If you are still under warranty by chance just hurry up and use that replace option.

If however you are out of warranty and it is your worst day, then you may consult any third-party technician who claims he/she can solve this for you.

Of course, no options for independent repairs are encouraged by Apple. In fact, Jessa with her colleague Mark Shaffer has been censored and banned from posting on Apple Support Community for suggesting third-party repair as a solution.

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