Apple launched iPhone 7 pricing at $649 and iPhone 7 Plus at $769

[highlight] Apple [/highlight] has finally launched their new iPhone, iPhone 7 pricing at $649 and iPhone 7 Plus at $769 which they claim to be the best among their previous releases. Tim Cook CEO of Apple Inc. hosted a special event in California on September 7 where he unveiled all the most awaited questions and mysteries that surrounded iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Philip W. Schiller the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc. beautifully explained the major advancements or improvements made in the new iPhone Series, which are;


There have been many rumors about the brilliance of the Design for new iPhone release and Apple certainly has made tremendous efforts to prove them right. iPhine7 and 7 Plus both have crystal cut Design, the seamlessness between the materials produces a mirror-like surface which gives the iPhones a singular and most evolved look. The Design is crafted utilizing many modern technologies and is being called “Jet Black”.

The Home Button

Apple understands who we use the Home Button and hence they have added a lot more functionality to it. The new features for the Home Button include added support for Quick Actions like Messaging and Notifications. Apple Inc. has also invented the new microchip which they have specially devised for the Home Button called “Taptic” which allows you to get most important haptic notifications on the way, this chip is editable and can be controlled by third party devices which have made it a huge plus point for the developers that are going to be using it is every way.

Water and Dust Resistant

With advancements to iPhone 6 and 6S with were splash prove the new iPhone series id claimed to be tested for a complete water and dust proof experience.The only port from where the could have been entered into the phone circulatory was the speakers, like in iPhone 6and 6S but this time, Apple’s Engineering team has come up with a new innovative solution in which the speakers themselves eject the water outside which solves their problem completely.


A special attention is given to the camera in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the camera picture quality is claimed to be improved by a hundred times in the new series. The Quad-LED lenses provide with a beautiful photography experience, the new true tone flash produces about 50% more light which spreads 40% more enabling the user to get a great snap. Apples have also added a newly designed image signal processor which performs about 10 Billion processes in 25 milliseconds. The camera auto corrects the images that suffer from shaky hands disease. Moreover, iPhone 7 and 7Plus also has a deep background blurring effect that would be launched as an update later this year.
Leaving the iPhone 7 camera behind iPhone 7 Plus has two 12 mp cameras, one wide-angle and the other Telephoto for high-quality zoom just like in DSLRs.

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Retina HD Display

According to Apple, Retina HD Display is the best display a smartphone can have but in the new iPhone series, they have gone beyond the limits. The new series will be having a 25% brighter display, Wide color gamut, Cinema standards, Color Managment and a 3D touch layer for a seamless experience. Apple also introduces Instagram’s owner to verify their results and a new insta update is soon to be expected with the added support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus special add-ins.

The Audio

Apple introduces stereo speakers which have happened the first time in the smartphone history. The new series will have doubles speakers, one at the back of the handset and one at the front. The two speakers, when combined, produce a sound which is about 2x better than the previous series. Apple also explained that the use of the stereotype speakers will increase the dynamic range for the sound.

The all new Apple AirPods

The all new Apple AirPods

The all new Apple AirPods

Apple Ear Pod is a new product from Apple Inc.They provide wireless support for the standard Air Pods Apple’s newly designed micro card the “W1” chip which made it possible to produce high-efficiency playback features while giving the most stable and consistent connection. These Pods can automatically detect if you have plugged them into your ears or not and only play we you are ready to listen. Through this device it becomes really easy to control your iPhone via Serie as these on double tap invokes Serie and she is able to function. Apple’s new Air Pods are valued at $159 only.

The Lightning connect EarPods

This time, Apple thought of something new to improve its audio feed to the users hence they introduce the lightning connect feature for the EarPods. With the lightning connect now we can access features that we never can by using the 100-year-old analog ports. Apple is including this lightning connect EarPods in the box you also if you are having any analog connecting devices then Apple has also included an analog-to-lightning adapter in the box for you.

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Performance Summary

At the end summing all the add-ins in the new series, the summary for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus gets something like this:
12MP Rear Camera.
4.7″ Retinal -HD display with Wide color gamut
Optical image stabilizations
7MP FaceTime HD Camera
New Home Button
Water and Dust Resistant
Stereo Speakers
A10 Fusion Chip for highly efficient wireless connections
LTE Advanced up to 450Mbps
Longest Battery life ever in an iPhone

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