Apple iPhone 8 Might Be Named ‘iPhone Edition’ And Get Delayed

As we mentioned in our previous article about iPhone, the leaks about iPhone 8 are increasing day by day. One more leak came out yesterday and, this one says, iPhone 8 might have a new name which is iPhone Edition. The latest patent published on US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) confirms the 3D imaging and facial recognition on iPhone 8.

At present, there are multiple prototypes for Apple iPhone 8. Apple is experimenting with different displays like the IPS TFT and AMOLED. Sometimes with or without a home button, aluminum chassis, new glass and white ceramics. The upcoming premium variant of iPhone will be called as iPhone Edition just like Apple Watch Edition.

The phone will have a 5-inch display, dual cameras and also have wireless charging. Whether the company will have AMOLED display, glass, ceramic or aluminum body, is still under test. The phone might ditch the home buttons. All these factors are under test. If the component supplies are in time, Apple will integrate all these elements.

iPhone Edition will release along with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

The reports also say iPhone Edition will release along with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The phones will follow tradition, and they will unveil after the event. For the 5 inch display, the iPhone 8 might not come with a home button.

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The reason is to increase the function area as we already mentioned in our previous articles. Few reports are sure that this one will come with an OLED display. One thing all the reports suggest is, these above factors for iPhone Edition will depend on supply quantity.

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On the other hand, USPTO published a patent that strengthens the presence of facial recognition and also 3D selfies. The patent is for a new technology. It will allow “enhanced face detection using in-depth information.” Here are some details about how the patent works. The new technology breaks the scene into small parts so that it can identify and build 3D faces by using the camera, computer imaging, and depth sensors.

According to KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will integrate AI technology within iPhone 8. Unfortunately for iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus, there will be no AI. Since Apple will launch the iPhone Edition soon, there is very less time for Apple to implement such facilities. It is also true that KGI Analyst Kuo is always right about predicting Apple devices. So, let’s see what comes out at the final launch of Apple iPhone Edition.

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