Apple iPhone 8 May Come Without Physical Buttons: Rumor

The year 2017 will see more variants of the Apple iPhones. And Apple has decided to stick with the “S” models like the previous versions. According to a lot of speculations, Apple will have the iPhone 7 S and also the iPhone 7 S Plus in 2017 and if rumors to be believed iPhone 8. Apart from it, Apple will also have a third variant, which now has a code name “Ferrari.” This model is likely to be the most premium version of all the Apple iPhones available till date.

Three display sizes are formed once again, a 4.7-inch version, 5-inch version, and a 5.5-inch version. Some are of the opinion that the codenamed “Ferrari” premium version could be the possible iPhone 8.

Touch sensitive button for iPhone 8

Chances are, the upcoming devices do not have any plastic or any other material. The iPhone 8 might come with an all glass body with no buttons. Well, to some people the touch only button makes sense. But otherwise, how do you make an all glass all glass body with physical buttons? We have seen the design in the MI5 devices that comes with fingerprint sensor and home button combo. Apple will do the same thing for the iPhone 8 too.

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We are not exactly sure about how comfortable it can be to replace the volume button and the power buttons with just a single touch sensitive button. But if it can be installed, it won’t be a difficult task to adapt.

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Apple made the patent application in the latest batch of patents. There are a few other patent applications that Apple did recently; the foldable display was one of them. And you just cannot deny they are great to look. At present, we can say that iPhone 8 is a device that will have dual cameras, OLED panel display, all glass exterior, wireless charging support, along with the combo of Home button and touch ID sensor within the front glass.

It can be one of the most exciting products in the last three years created by Apple.

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