Apple iPhone 8 Price May Increase To $1000

Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most renowned and accurate predictors of Apple and iOS devices. He made a lot of predictions about iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. Now he made yet another prediction about the Apple iPhone 8.

According to his research note to investors, Apple iPhone 8 will release in 2018, and the price of the phone will increase $1000. Kuo estimates the starting price to be $1000 (nearly Rs 70000). Kuo explained, Apple iPhone 8 is going to ditch the “Home” button to increase the function area. The function area will also include the fingerprint sensor. The prediction also comes in line with a patent that recently granted Apple to have the circular touch ID.

Here is what Apple iPhone 8 might bring additionally

Apple iPhone 8 will have a 5.8 inch OLED display panel that is similar to the 4.7 inch iPhone 7. The display area will be 5.15 inches. The next version of iPhone will fit all of the screen areas into the phone as the standard iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 will go edge to edge.

It won’t have a bezel, a more screen space in the same physical form factor. Due to the lack of a home button, Kuo says, Apple is also looking for some mysterious alternatives for the TouchID fingerprint lock for the current iOS models.

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The new features expected in next iPhone include the energy efficient high-resolution OLED screen, wireless charging, and a bigger battery. With all these features, there is a hefty price tag that which will be more than $1000.

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Some more predictions of Kuo

With the present Touch ID, Kuo also believes that the iPhone 8 will come with the bio-recognition process for taking over the device security and also the Apple pay authentication duties. The analyst didn’t exactly mention which type of biometric tech Apple will use.

The company might integrate the 3D laser scanning module capable of implementing the facial recognition and AR applications. In his last month’s note, Kuo also said, Apple might bring up a dual biometric system for utilizing optical fingerprint reader and facial recognition.

Apart from the circular Touch ID, Apple also got the patent for covering the micro-LED display. It can detect the touch events and user fingerprints with the specialized infrared diodes. The Apple iPhone 8 static displays can also have the capability for switching to active display when you are watching videos or playing the games.

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