Apple iPhone 8 The Most Realistic Concept Preview

There has been a lot of concept about Apple iPhone 8 and its features. Even we at TNI had reported many of them, but none of the ideas were as realistic as this developed by Handy-Abovergleich.

Last year also they developed the concept for iPhone 7, which went viral and after the official release of iPhone 7 came to be almost real. This year also they came up with a very realistic preview of Apple iPhone 8 based on rumors, leaked and reports in the media.

Apple iPhone 8 Camera:

iPhone 8 may probably get the biggest camera update of all times. The performance may drastically scale up. All the iPhone 8 models may come with the dual camera lens system, with 16 megapixels each and can record 4K video. Also, both the cameras will have a new aperture of f1.7 and will be extremely sensitive to light. It may also get an optical image stabilization on board.

Apple iPhone 8 Camera

Apple iPhone 8 Display:

As per the OLED panel rumors, the iPhone 8 may come with a completely borderless AMOLED display on the front, which makes colors vivacious and contrasting. Compared to the IPS display of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 will incredibly look realistic.

Apple iPhone 8 OLED Display

Home Button and Iris Scanner:

The iPhone 8 is suspected to come with a whole lot of new features and functions. Iris Scanner may be one of it. Iris Scanner can identify the iPhone owner by the face and thus unlock the device and even verify purchases on iTune. The iPhone users can unlock their phone even if the Touch ID for a reason does not work. The Home Button may be 3D touch and integrated directly into the device.

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Apple iPhone 8 Home Button and Iris Scanner


iPhone 8 is expected to come in six different finishes, but all with completely new design. As rumors are circulating the Front and Rear may be made of glass. To support the glass design a steel frame may be added to the glass body.

Apple iPhone 8 Colors


USB-C connection will be added to make faster and best connection of all times. If rumors are to be believed the new iPhone will come with USB-C, as many manufacturers use the standard in their devices. Even the new Apple MacBooks also support USB-C for better connectivity.

Apple iPhone 8 USB-C

iPhone 8 Pro:

iPhone 8 Pro an entirely new iPhone will be introduced as per rumors and experts opinions.. iPhone 8 Pro will have a massive 5.8 inch display and will support a special Apple Pencil. Apple has even applied for a patent. iPhone 8 Pro and Apple Pencil will be of great help to developers and artists.

Apple iPhone 8 Pro and Apple Pencil

Wireless Charging:

With the help of glass at the back of iPhone 8, wireless charging will be possible through Apple’s power transmitter. The wireless charging range may be of 3 meters, which will make the iPhone usage more convenient.

Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

Handy-Abovergleich provided the above concept based on assumptions and opinion. The actual Apple iPhone 8 may or may not come with the same above features and specifications. We can just assume and think of its details as per buzz in the industry.

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