Apple iPhone 8 Will Come With USB-C Connector

It is clear that iPhone 7 is till date the best iPhone from Apple. We are now eagerly waiting for the iPhone 8 now. Before that Apple might bring the iPhone SE models to launch in India. Anyways, in our previous article, we already mentioned Apple would remove home button to increase “function area” of the smartphone. Once again we have come up with more speculations on Apple iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 will replace the Lightning Connector, and it will feature a USB-C port. It will come with a power cord for charging and connect to other peripheral devices. So chances are the Lightning connector will not be there. If this comes out to be true, things can get way better than. All the things that iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 couldn’t have, the iPhone 8 will get them.

No more LCD screen for Apple iPhone 8

One more unexpected change is there in the design development of Apple iPhone 8. It will come with a flexible OLED display. Apple will dump the LCD panels present in iPhone 7, for the new flagship models. The report from Wall Street Journal says iPhone 8 will come with a “curved display.” These two features will create a stir among the iPhone users, the iPhone 8 in particular.

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Apple is now using the USB-C ports for the newer Apple laptops to charge them and connect with other devices. The internal components of USB’S ports are just as compact as the Lightning Port. Apple can use the USB-C in the phones and tablets without worrying about the device being thick. It will have the same type of connector on Mac and other iOS devices.

Going against Kuo? Interesting….

Now, this is a direct contradiction to popular Apple analyst Ming Kuo’s reports. Kuo repeatedly said Apple would adopt an All-glass design and the wireless charging. The USB-C connector will allow the users to connect MacBook and MacBook Pro with iPhone 8. There are also reports from Mac Otakara which says, Lightning to USB-C Cable will remain an optional purchase for Apple iPhone 8.

With an Edge to Edge display, the iPhone 8 will be similar in size like the 4.7 inch iPhone. Kuo says, with the new iPhone 8 of display size 5.8 inches, the available area is will be 5.15 inches. The remaining areas are for the virtual buttons replacing the home button. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 adopted the industry standards. It will be interesting to see how iPhone 8 comes with the industry standards to connect other iDevices with iPhone 8.

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