Apple IPhone 8 Will Use Facial Recognition Instead Of Touch ID

Apple is going to replace the Touch ID feature from the iPhone 8. Facial recognition might replace the Touch ID. As we know, Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the best Apple analysts, and he is also a forecaster of Apple’s business. He said, there are chances Apple is revamping the existing the existing biometric and security features for the Apple iPhone 8 in 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 will explore new technologies for better sensors and a facial recognition system. There are chances that Apple will launch the mysterious iPhone X. The major question remains at large whether the Touch ID facility is removed completely.

Changes in Apple iPhone 8

The new Apple iPhone 8 will release in later this year. Those devices have many remarkable features like an embedded home button, 5 inch “fixed flex”, “edge to edge display”, wireless charging and also a glass body.

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The rumors about iPhone 8 with augmented reality camera are also there apart from the biometric facilities. Kuo also believes that Apple might change their present FCPB sensor to a film sensor for offering better sensitivity and UI. The OLED phone might have an edge to edge display, and it will come with a flexible OLED panel. A metal is placed under its film sensor for support.

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More focus on security

At present, the fingerprint sensor comes within an “under glass” placement, but in the upcoming iPhones, the sensors are placed “under panel”. It enhances the phone’s security and offers a new design. From Apple’s new biorecognition clues, the company can make facial recognition system than the iris scanner.

Initially, the company proposed iris scanner. Later they suggested facial recognition. It is still unknown what the company is going to use. They might also use iris scanner too.

There are always questions regarding the biometric implementations of Apple. There are issues about the Touch ID that Apple planned. Some people believe that this feature upped the security for their iPhones while others think it might pose a security threat.

It is not yet sure whether the Touch ID or facial recognition will be there. One this is certain the aim is to increase safety for Apple users.

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